This sketchy mockup claims to be the finalized design of the iPhone 8


We've heard a ton about what's probably coming with the iPhone 8 -- but we still don't even know for sure if Apple has even decided on the flagship's final design. The company's indecisiveness about the final version of the flagship's anniversary model has reportedly been one of the factors in its rumored delay, along with more technical issues, like how to embed a thumbprint sensor beneath its touted OLED display. BGR shared a set of images purporting to show a rough mockup based on Apple's final design, giving us a look at what might be the future of the iPhone. The device shown in the pics, which the site obtained "exclusively" from unnamed sources, was supposedly based on schematics leaked from the factories that will actually produce the devices. SEE ALSO: Apple, please don't kill the iPad mini Though chances that this is the actual design are slim, the rough mockup shows some features we've been expecting based on other leaks: an edge-to-edge screen with no visible bezels, no physical home button, and an all glass and stainless steel sandwich design that harkens back to the iPhone 4. The mockup's rear has the expected vertically-oriented dual camera rig, but what's more important is what we don't see: a rear fingerprint scanner, like Samsung had to settle for on the Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 'dummy' with no home button surfaces online

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Photos of an alleged curved'dummy' iPhone 8 with no home button have appeared on social media. Poster Benjamin Geskin, a'leaker' from Riga, Latvia, claims the device comes from iPhone manufacturer Foxconn. The unverified images have surfaced after widespread rumours that the iPhone 8 will be the first Apple device to ditch the home button. Photos of an alleged'dummy' iPhone 8 with no home button were posted on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin, a'leaker' from Riga, Latvia The'dummy' handset appears to have a stainless steel frame and is covered in what looks like 2.5D curved glass. The device's front appears to have an edge-to-edge screen with no visible attachment points.

New video shows a 'dummy' iPhone 8 in all its glory


You know we've reached peak iPhone rumors when actual videos of the device start circulating on the internet. True, this latest video, shared by prominent leaker Benjamin Geskin, is of a "dummy model," meaning it has the looks of the iPhone 8 but is empty inside (just like our souls after nearly a year of iPhone rumors). Still, if the device in the video is genuine, it gives us a really good idea of what the upcoming iPhone will look like. Keep in mind that what we see in the video is the most interesting of the three upcoming new iPhones, likely to be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X. It's encased in glass on both sides, and its 5.8-inch screen takes up basically the entire front side of the device.

Apple iPhone 8 Dummy Showcased In Leaked Hands-On Video

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A dummy model for the Apple iPhone 8 has recently been shown off on in a new hands-on video. The iPhone 8 dummy looks pretty similar to previous leaks suggesting that this might be the iPhone 8's final look when it launches this fall. The hands-on video for the iPhone 8 dummy was shared by Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) on Twitter. The video shows the handset being turned 360 degrees giving everyone a look at its front, back and sides. Like previously leaked in-the-wild photos, the new video once again shows glass panels on the front and back, while the handset comes with a very reflective stainless steel frame.


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The computer-assisted design (CAD) drawings show a dual camera system with one camera on top of the other and a flash between the two. The eagerly anticipated 10th anniversary edition of iPhone, rumoured to be called Edition, is expected in September. 'As we have written in previous [research notes], several supply chain reports have suggested that key component shortages and technical challenges could delay the release of a high-end iPhone 8 device this fall.' The eagerly anticipated 10th anniversary edition of iPhone, rumoured to be called Edition, is expected in September.