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Tern GSD S10 Review: Our Favorite Cargo Bike


Even though it's my job to think critically about products, there are a few attributes that I don't think to question. For example, I can't complain that earbuds have to go in my ears. Such is the nature of earbuds. If I have tiny, weird-shaped ears, that's my own problem. Likewise, I can't complain that cargo bikes are big and heavy.

VW wants to ensure EVs are delivering your packages


Typically at auto shows, the focus is on vehicles consumers can buy in the future. Or at least in the case of concepts, ideas that'll trickle down into cars you can purchase in about five years. Volkswagen decided to show off a variant of its ID Buzz vehicle that's for deliveries. The ID Buzz Cargo will have a range between 200 and 340 miles (probably less when the EPA gets a hold of it) which should be more than enough for delivery companies and other businesses to get around town dropping stuff off. Or, it would be a sweet electric van for a band looking to go on a regional tour.

Zombies Head Down Under in the Trailer for Cargo


An upcoming movie called Cargo (It stars Martin Freeman, not ScarJo,) Has posted a trailer, And Slate's its retailer, Because it's not under embargo. A mother gets turned to a zombie, The father does not react calmly, He's crossing Australia With no paraphernalia, Or outfitting from Abercrombie. If Walkabout isn't your speed, And zombies are something you need, This trailer might suit you, It's meant to recruit you To order Netflix at top speed. But no matter how much you pay, You cannot buy Cargo today, You can't even lease it, Until they release it; It's coming the eighteenth of May.

Ship Blamed in Beirut Explosion Hasn't Sailed in 7 Years. We Found It.

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On Nov. 21, 2013, at 11:27 a.m., a leaky ship arrived in Beirut's port. It never left, and its volatile cargo would lead to tragedy in the city almost seven years later. The Rhosus was loaded with 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which is believed to have blown up most of the port and damaged large parts of the city when it ignited in a warehouse on Aug. 4. The former captain of the ship, Boris Prokoshev, told The New York Times that he heard from other sailors that the Rhosus sank in 2015 or 2016. This time frame turned out to be incorrect.