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Hauser Insurance Explores Trends in API-driven Insurance Operations - EconoTimes


The experts at Hauser Insurance know that increased digital technology adoption continues to bring industries (and businesses) into a more competitive market position. With this as a backdrop, the integration of application programming interface (or API) tools enables two separate applications to seamlessly interact with each other. This electronic communication link can set the stage for a limitless number of business and service enhancements. Within the insurance industry, game-changing API capability opens the door to many digitally-driven business growth strategies. Many businesses' migration to digitally focused operations has been spurred by a desire to deliver improved customer experiences. Many companies had begun to adopt this focus before the COVID-19 pandemic, including Hauser Insurance.

10 InsurTech Trends at the Insurance Crossroads 2018 - The Digital Insurer


It was a little under three years ago when I wrote a blog entitled "where's the insurance tech in Fintech?" It was my first article on the subject and the #InsurTech social media label wasn't in the vernacular back then.

How artificial intelligence is changing the face of insurance - Clickatell


One of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs), is safety. The misconception that artificial intelligence is unsafe is mostly driven by media and is thankfully changing. AVs do certainly pose an original problem to insurance companies. And with the autonomous vehicle industry set to grow exponentially in the next 20 years, insurance companies are going to have to figure out a solution to the challenge, fast. The reality is that the definition of autonomous is still very gray.

Game-Changing Trends in 2022 for the Future of Insurance


Majesco is the leading software partner to both the P&C and L&A insurance markets to modernize, optimize and innovate their businesses at speed and scale. Over 330 insurers, from greenfields, start-ups and MGAs to the largest insurers, reinsurers and brokers use Majesco's next generation SaaS platform solutions of core, data, and analytics, digital, distribution, absence management and a rich ecosystem marketplace of established and InsurTech partners to build the future of insurance. Our technology, expertise and leadership help insurers innovate and connect to build the future of their business. With over 825 successful implementations and over 65% of our customers on Cloud with Majesco platform solutions, together we have an amazing track record of innovation and real-world results. For more details on Majesco, please visit

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance in 2020


Technology moguls and billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have taken opposite sides of the issue, with the former saying that AI is a "fundamental risk" to civilization and the latter extolling its virtues. The insurance industry in Asia and in some parts of the world mostly welcomes AI technology, and most of them are at the forefront of adopting newer technologies. Most insurers don't have to deal with debilitating legacy environments, or are more willing to explore and support these technologies in view of the impact they deliver relatively quickly and at lesser costs. With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies in the recent past, Most insurers globally and in Asia have started taking their first steps in that direction. While 80% of the business leaders surveyed for a recent Microsoft–IDC study agreed that AI will be pivotal in their business competitiveness, around 40% of all large enterprises reported AI deployment of some type in their business.