2020 Summer Software Development Engineer Intern (SEA) - Deep Learning


We are hiring innovative minded Software Development Engineer interns into our technical development teams throughout the US. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA, but also have exciting opportunities at our offices across the US and Canada! In Canada, we are growing rapidly in: Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, and Ottawa, ON. Our interns and co-ops write real software and partner with a select group of experienced software development engineers, who both help and challenge them as they work on projects that matter to our customers. You'll be given the opportunity to have direct impact on the evolution of Amazon's technologies and lead mission critical projects early in your career.

Apple: Sr Software Engineer, Applied Machine Learning


Apple's Applied Machine Learning team has built systems for a number of large-scale data science applications. We work on many high-impact projects that serve various Apple lines of business. We use the latest in open source technology and as committers on some of these projects, we are pushing the envelope. Working with multiple lines of business we manage many streams of Apple-scale data. We bring it all together and unleash business value.

4th Annual Global Artificial Intelligence Conference - Webinar - Online Warm-Up (Free)


We are very excited to organize 4th Annual Global Artificial Intelligence Conference - Santa Clara- in January month! As we get closer to the conference, we want to invite you to participate in Global Big Data Conference Webinar - Online Warm-Up on December 13 (1.00PM - 2.00PM) PST. Free Online Webinar: Friday Dec 13th, 2019 1.00 PM PST - 2:00PM PST Welcome to webinar hosted by Global Big Data Conference! Please start registering by entering your name and email address to attend Webinar Schedule: 1:00PM-1:20PM: Image Augmentations for Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection (Vladimir Iglovikov, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Lyft) 1:20 PM- 1:50PM: Building Real World AI Solutions (Alexander Liss, Director, Ancestry) 1:50PM - 2:00PM: Q&A KRS Murthy (CEO, KRS Murthy) will moderate the webinar Profile Vladimir Iglovikov, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Lyft Topic - Image Augmentations for Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection Abstract In his talk, Vladimir will talk about image augmentations. How to use them to improve Deep Learning models?



In our Data & Technology division, we are responsible for the entire lifecycle of our software products. We develop applications for our internal customers in traditional market research and big data environments. For this purpose, we rely on continuous integration and testdriven development in the software development process. GfK is joining all data science forces into the division "Global Data Science" - and the "Machine Learning Engineering Team" will be an essential part of it! As Machine Learning Engineers, we focus on developing scalable and re-usable machine learning components and solutions at enterprise scale; and that's why we are looking for you, a passionate hands-on engineer with methodological background!

20 Machine Learning Bootcamps and Courses Teaching the Art of Algorithms


Machine learning technology has the capacity to autonomously identify malignant tumors, pilot Teslas and subtitle videos in real time. The term "autonomous" is tricky here, because machine learning still requires a lot of human ingenuity to get these jobs done. It works like this: An algorithm scans a massive dataset. Engineers don't tell it exactly what to look for in this initial dataset, which could consist of images, audio clips, emails and more. Instead, the algorithm conducts a freeform analysis.