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Google's AI is learning how to save your life


AlphaGo's uncanny success at the game of Go was taken by many as a death knell for the dominance of the human intellect, but Google researcher David Silver doesn't see it that way. Instead, he sees a world of potential benefits. As one of the lead architects behind Google DeepMind's AlphaGo system, which defeated South Korean Go champion Lee Se-dol 4 games to 1 in March, Silver believes the technology's next role should be to help advance human health. "We'd like to use these technologies to have a positive impact in the real world," he told an audience of AI researchers Tuesday at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in New York. With more possible board combinations than there are atoms in the universe, Go has long been considered the ultimate challenge for AI researchers.



Pathology is on the verge of a revolution from a qualitative to a quantitative discipline. The PAIGE AI is trained by the world's foremost cancer experts on tens of thousands of digital slides.

600 companies investing in deep learning


Another 177 companies (level 2) are developing projects using deep learning with dedicated resources in staff. And more than 350 companies (level 1) are experimenting with deep learning in their labs. Given how early deep learning is as a technology, the majority of companies investing in deep learning are IT and software businesses. However, we discovered interesting champions in other industries that are adopting deep learning as well. Given that deep learning has early roots in image processing, it is exciting to see health care companies like Siemens Healthcare and GE Healthcare leading the pack, along with research institutions like the NIH and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.


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This paper describes PATSy, an online repository of virtual patient cases for training and research for students and practitioners in the clinical sciences. A typical student session with PATSy is illustrated. An extension to PATSy that adds vicarious learning resources (VL-PATSy) is also described. The concept of vicarious learning is outlined and results from a study of learning outcomes from VL-PATSy are presented. PATSy and VL-PATSy will be demonstrated at the symposium.