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AI, ML, IoT and cyber security to disrupt everything: Puresight Systems


Last year in October, the global research company Gartner published a list of 10 strategic technology trends of 2019. While some of these identified trends such as AI, ML, VR and cyber security were pretty obvious, the rest were not so predictable. And, as we are still in January, it's too early to say if the speculations will come true. However, looking at the current digital ecosystem, here are the five technology trends that are like to create major disruptions in the coming months. The last few years have witnessed an unprecedented growth of machine learning as well as AI, and 2019 will see no exception.

Op-ed: The 'Experience Economy' is dead driving a boom in virtual reality


Many consumers are yearning for a break from their daily routine but are not comfortable jumping on a plane yet. This has spawned a growing market for augmented and virtual reality experiences for folks who are choosing a staycation this year but still have that need to connect with the natural world and the outdoors. With few global vacationers ready to travel to exotic locations around the world, virtual reality technology that transports them there to explore is catching on rapidly. Helping armchair travellers plan the first trip they take when they are ready to get on a plane again is another hot growth area for AR and VR. Some hospitality chains--from Holiday Inn Express to the high-end Atlantis Dubai--are attracting travellers with virtual room tours.

Reality Check: Which shops and leisure services are opening and closing?

BBC News

The budget retailer Poundworld faces an uncertain future after falling into administration. Chains, including House of Fraser, Marks and Spencer and Mothercare, have announced they are closing branches. But what kinds of shops and leisure outlets are increasing and declining most across Britain? If you want to get a haircut or shave, go for a workout, drink a coffee or eat a pizza (either at home or in a restaurant), times are good. Outlets offering these services are among the fastest-growing consumer premises in Britain, according to a survey by the Local Data Company.

Three Ways You Can Protect Your Data While Traveling - Security Boulevard


A lot can change in ten years. I'm sure most of you remember what a royal pain it was to work remotely--bulky laptops, spotty Internet connections, nightmarish VPN authentication. Nowadays, none of that stuff is really a problem anymore.

President Obama Travels To Yosemite National Park In New Virtual Reality Video

International Business Times

Americans may not have been able to visit Yosemite National Park with President Obama and the First Family earlier this summer, but they can get a glimpse of the president's trip by watching a newly released virtual reality film of his experience. During Obama's Yosemite trip ahead of the National Park Service's 100th birthday, he became the first president to ever be featured in a virtual reality film that just so happened to be all about the preservation America's parks. In the 11-minute, 360-degree film titled, "Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America's National Parks," viewers get to experience the park just as Obama does while he narrates. The video, produced by Facebook-owned Oculus and Felix and Paul Studios, includes six days' worth of the First Family's visit, Independent reported. "We know that protecting and preserving places like Yosemite, and all of our National Parks, is more important today than ever," he says in the film, warning of the threats climate change can have on the parks and creatures that live there.