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Infiniti's Electric Vehicles Will Have A Range Of At Least 311 Miles


Infiniti recently announced plans to create a new platform for electrified vehicles and now the automaker has revealed additional information about it. Automotive News reports the platform will eventually underpin all future Infiniti models except the QX80 . The platform will also be unique to Infiniti and only "select components" will be shared with Nissan. As previously announced, the platform has been designed to accommodate electric powertrains as well as e-POWER systems. Vehicles with the latter powertrain will have an electric motor, a battery and a range-extending petrol engine.

Falling from train platforms: 'It was terrifying, the guide dog was screaming'

BBC News

Currently, 40% of mainline railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales do not have tactile paving - that amounts to about 1,000 stations. The rail network in Northern Ireland has tactile paving on all its platform edges, according to the RNIB.

VW hopes to sell 10 million electric cars based on its new platform


Volkswagen has grand expectations for the platform underpinning its first purpose-built electric cars. The VW Auto Group plans to sell 10 million EVs based on its modular electric drive matrix (MEB) across all its brands during the "first wave." It hopes to have sold 150,000 electric cars in total by 2020, 100,000 of which will be 100,000 I.D. models produced in Germany. As with Tesla and other brands making EVs from scratch, the MEB platform is designed explicitly with electric power in mind. The floorpan is designed to house a flat, high-capacity battery that simultaneously improves handling (by lowering the center of gravity) and space.

LG is getting into connected cars with Volkswagen


According to VW, it'll let you "control and monitor smart devices in their homes -- such as lights, security systems and domestic appliances -- from out on the road." While useful, that's functionality consumers also access on their phones, so it'll be interesting to see how LG and VW make their platform significantly better. The platform will also deliver a "context-sensitive notification center" that'll send messages to drivers safely. LG already provides batteries and audio systems to VW's cars, as Reuters points out, and it's building battery cells and the electronic motor for Chevy's Bolt electric car.

Acumos: the AI Open Source Platform


AT&T wants to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. To that end, they're collaborating with Tech Mahindra to build an open source artificial intelligence platform, Acumos, hosted by The Linux Foundation that makes it easy to build, share and deploy AI applications. The platform will provide a marketplace for accessing, using and enhancing those applications. Content curation, autonomous cars, drones, and augmented reality/virtual reality are many areas where AI models could be used with the Acumos platform. The Acumos platform is an extensible framework for machine learning solutions.