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A Review of Real-Time Strategy Game AI

AI Magazine

This literature review covers AI techniques used for real-time strategy video games, focusing specifically on StarCraft. It finds that the main areas of current academic research are in tactical and strategic decision-making, plan recognition, and learning, and it outlines the research contributions in each of these areas. The paper then contrasts the use of game AI in academia and industry, finding the academic research heavily focused on creating game-winning agents, while the indus- try aims to maximise player enjoyment. It finds the industry adoption of academic research is low because it is either in- applicable or too time-consuming and risky to implement in a new game, which highlights an area for potential investi- gation: bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Alphacat Report (September 1–15) – Alphacat – Medium


As part of our efforts to be transparent and communicate regularly with our community, we are pleased to share this mid-month report, which includes our progress during these last two weeks and our outlook for the future. As of mid-September, Alphacat's global community continued to grow stably. The number of Facebook users continued to rise, from 16,419to 17,670, an increase of 7.6%. The number of Twitter users increased from 14,600 to 15,000, a growth rate of 2.7%. Global Telegram users decreased from 9,109 to 8,875, a decrease of 3.6%.

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