How Data Science Has Changed Everyday Life for the Better


Let's be honest, today "big data" is sort of a dirty word in the public consciousness. It is associated closely with profit maximization techniques (such as recommendation lists on e-commerce sites and targeted ads), high-profile data leaks and privacy issues. People do not like being a bundle of unsecured big data tied to a bank account. They want to be unique. Yet somehow, all the personalization and narrow targeting make them feel just the opposite.

Never Bet Against The Ambitions Of Elon Musk

Forbes - Tech

Tesla is set to lay off 9% of its 40,000 employees. But Elon Musk doesn't seem to be worried about the 425,000 orders that are currently backlogged. That's because there's an even more ambitious goal he wants to hit. Musk says existing Teslas will begin the transition to full, self-driving vehicles in August. This evolution should not surprise to Musk followers.

Uber is Planning Self-Flying Drone Taxis

U.S. News

Uber head of product Jeff Holden told Recode that, unlike helicoptors, "VTOL aircraft could have multiple rotors, could have fixed wings and perhaps eventually would use batteries and be more silent." The Telegraph notes that Amazon's delivery drones are employing a similar technology.

Is Facebook Building An Autonomous Car?


Today at the Frankfurt motor show, one of the biggest and most prestigious motor shows in the world, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, spoke before German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now what is Facebook and most importantly, Sheryl Sandberg doing at an automotive industry event? The obvious answer that comes to mind when one relates Facebook and the car industry is the billions of advertising dollars the industry spends on marketing and advertising. However, that does not seem to be Facebook's game plan, as highlighted by Sheryl and shown at their pavilion. Facebook seems to have a strategy of leveraging its capabilities in social marketing, AR & VR and interestingly, who would have thought of it, leveraging its advanced AI and deep learning capabilities to support the development of autonomous vehicles.

Port Strategy Ports benefitting from IoT & autonomous cars


The container port sector is benefitting from huge investments from start-ups and major technology businesses due to the enormous mass-market opportunity for technologies connected to the Internet of Things and autonomous cars -- "a market … several orders of magnitude larger than the container shipping industry". That's according to Jari Hämäläinen, terminal automation director at Kalmar, who commented in a Port2060 blog that these investments "will speed up development to a pace that we can scarcely imagine". "Most significantly for our own industry, we will see new solutions, lower prices and faster progress for technology that can also be applied to our specialised field," Mr Hämäläinen said. "When mass-market demand fuels the rapid development of autonomous cars, we in the container shipping industry will be able to reap the benefits and develop our own offering further, without having to invent every solution from scratch." The director explained in his article -- entitled "The autonomous world is coming: Are we leaders or followers?"