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Digital Predictions 2018 The Deloitte Consumer Review


In this edition of The Deloitte Consumer Review, we explore the latest developments in technology and how this is predicted to shake up the consumer market, drive innovation and create opportunities for both growth and greater efficiency. Drawing upon the Deloitte Global 17th annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions, we have identified six digital trends that are driving the next phase of disruption in the consumer market. These trends focus on technologies that will both enhance the consumer experience and transform the way consumer businesses operate.

Deloitte E&A presents the AI + the Future of Work Digital Experience


Collaborate with Deloitte’s Ecosystems & Alliances in 2020, as we bring together the leaders, innovators, and insights that are shaping the future of work and helping organizations thrive in a digitally powered world.

Digital Agenda


Digital Agenda addresses the opportunities and threats of the digital era. It takes you on a journey from digi-hyping to digi-doing. In the near future, business will become IT, and IT will become business. Hence, this conference is for everybody. No one can turn their back on the exponential impact of digital.

Someone reportedly hacked Deloitte through an account without two-step verification


One of the world's largest accounting firms has been hacked. Hackers broke into a Deloitte administrative account, according to The Guardian, and stole emails and other information pertaining to Deloitte clients. Deloitte brought in $37 billion last year for its consultancy in the areas of taxes, auditing, and -- uh oh -- also cybersecurity, which makes the way these hackers broke into Deloitte all the more embarrassing. The account that hackers broke into didn't have two-factor verification, according to The Guardian. Hackers would need both your password and a way to read your texts to access your account.)