Turns out Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey is a huge Donald Trump fan


There is nothing virtual about Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey's support of Donald Trump. The VR millionaire is financially backing a pro-Trump organization called Nimble America that aims to circulate anti-Hillary Clinton memes across the internet, reports the The Daily Beast. And who helped Luckey create Nimble America? None other than conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, recently famous for being banned from Twitter after harassing Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones online. Nimble America describe itself as a "social welfare 501(c)4 non-profit" that believes "shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real," and lists a Reddit user by the name of NimbleRichMan as the group's co-founder.

Oculus chiefs speak out on Palmer Luckey's alleged funding of anti-Clinton memes


The revelation that Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey is a Donald Trump supporter hasn't exactly gone unnoticed, and now two of the key players at Oculus have addressed the matter directly in a pair of statements. The first is from CEO Brendan Iribe, who took care to distance the company from Luckey's political leanings while also supporting his right to have a privately help political opinion. Iribe posted the statement on his Facebook page. The other statement comes from Oculus Head of Content Jason Rubin. This one more directly addresses a statement that Luckey himself shared on Friday.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey secretly funds pro-Trump 'meme magic'


Just in case you were wondering what Palmer Luckey does with all that Facebook money, a The Daily Beast article reveals what he's been up to lately. The outlet says Luckey confirmed he is behind the Reddit pseudonym "NimbleRichMan," providing financial backing to an organization claiming it's proven that "shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real." The Reddit profile has been deleted, but the group's original announcement is archived here. Dubbed Nimble America, it's a pro-Trump organization spreading anti-Hillary Clinton memes, calling the Democratic candidate "corrupt, a warmonger, a freedom-stripper," claiming that people will only be offended because they hate Trump and can't stand to see successful people. Luckey's liaison with the organization is apparently none other than Milo Yiannopolis.

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Funding Pro-Trump Group Dedicated To Creation Of Anti-Clinton Memes

International Business Times

Palmer Luckey, the 24-year-old co-founder of Oculus VR and creator of Oculus Rift, is using his considerable wealth to back Donald Trump. Luckey, whose net worth is estimated at roughly 700 million, told the Daily Beast that he is funding "Nimble America" -- a pro-Trump group dedicated to "shitposting" and creating viral anti-Hillary Clinton memes. Shitposting refers to the practice of trying to derail a meaningful conversation on any online platform by posting irrelevant, meaningless, and often offensive comments, memes or pictures. The group has also taken credit for a billboard allegedly posted near Pittsburgh, showing an enlarged image of Clinton's face next to the words, "Too Big to Jail." "We believe that America has been lead by poor leaders who have abandoned American principles and sold out all Americans. With the right leadership America will reverse its course towards mediocrity and globalism, becoming great again," the group, which describes itself as a "social welfare 501(c)4 non-profit," wrote.

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey's Support For Pro-Trump Trolls Angers VR Game Developers

International Business Times

Many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and developers haven't taken too kindly to the news that Palmer Luckey -- the 24-year-old co-founder of Oculus VR and creator of Oculus Rift -- has been secretly backing a pro-Donald Trump group dedicated to "shitposting" and creating viral anti-Hillary Clinton memes. According to several media reports, Luckey's anti-Clinton stance and speculation over his possible association with the prominent alt-right spokesman Milo Yiannopoulos -- who was recently banned from Twitter for allegedly inciting trolls to verbally harass "Ghostbusters" actress Leslie Jones -- has led several developers to distance themselves from the VR company. "Hey Oculus, Palmer Luckey's actions are unacceptable," Tomorrow Today Labs, a Seattle-based VR videos games company currently working on an unannounced VR game, wrote in a tweet Friday. Scruta Games, another developer that employs VR, also voiced its discontent on Twitter, stating that it would cancel Oculus support for its games until Luckey steps down from his position at the company. He is free to vote for whoever he pleases.