Assign other apps to the Galaxy S8's Bixby button, if you dare


One of the Galaxy S8's standout features is Samsung's Bixby assistant. It not only organizes your schedule and talks to you, but also helps translate and identify items around you via the phone's camera. It even talks to your SmartThings-compatible home appliances, and can quickly be summoned with a dedicated physical button on the S8's left edge. But if you don't plan on using Bixby very much, that piece of hardware becomes mostly redundant. Luckily for you rebels, the internet's inventive community has found a way to assign that physical button to any app you wish.

Samsung adds option to disable Bixby button on Galaxy smartphones


Video: Samsung's Bixby voice assistant will reach beyond Galaxy S8 You may not be able to get rid of Bixby, but you can at least disable the Bixby button after a recent update to the Bixby app. Bixby voice is unlike any other personal assistant available today. It's unclear when Samsung enabled the new toggle, first spotted by Android news site Droid Life. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to adjust the volume one of the recent Samsung Galaxy devices, only to have Bixby Home open. Its awkward placement, combined with limited usefulness, only exacerbates the frustration.

How to completely reconfigure the Samsung Galaxy S8's new Bixby button

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn't even out yet, but technology enthusiasts have already worked out how to completely repurpose one of its main features. The recently launched handset is extremely well-designed, making every other flagship that's come before it look outdated. As well as the S8's stunning looks though, Samsung is hoping to lure consumers in with Bixby, a new virtual assistant that, in the South Korean firm's eyes, has the potential to change the way users interact with their devices. Samsung has even equipped the S8 with a dedicated Bixby button, a move designed to help establish the virtual assistant as one of the phone's core features. However, ahead of its 28 April release, it's emerged that the handset's Bixby key can be reconfigured to launch any other app, such as the camera or Bixby rival Google Assistant.



Update 9/18/17: Samsung will finally let users turn off the side button so it doesn't open Bixby Home when accidentally pressed. To do that, open the Galaxy Apps store, tap the overflow menu icon in the top right, then My Apps, and Update. If you see it, you're on the latest version and Bixby Voice is active To start using Bixby, swipe over to the Bixby Home screen and it should walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple. Additionally, there are a few general options in the Bixby Home Settings menu, including background color, feedback sounds, speaking style, and notifications.

Samsung makes its virtual assistant Bixby a little less annoying for Note 9 users


Take a deep breath, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users. Bixby is about to annoy you a little less. Samsung is giving its Note 9 customers the ability to reduce accidental activations of Bixby. According to Android Authority, thanks to Samsung's latest Note 9 update, it will now take a double-tap of the dedicated Bixby button to activate Bixby. For those mobile customers who don't know what a Bixby is, Bixby is Samsung's virtual assistant.