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Three people died after the crash landing of an Asiana Airlines aircraft from Seoul, Korea, at San Fransisco International Airport (SFO) on July 6, 2013. The American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) established that the crash most probably was caused by the flight crew's (in)actions. Three teenage girls lost their lives; two in the airplane and another was accidentally run over by a firetruck. The human factor is often cause for accidents. NTSB and others report that more than 50 percent of plane crashes is caused by pilot error (and for road accidents it is even 90 perc.)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts millions; these high-school-age inventors have an antidote


When fall begins to pass into the short days and long nights of winter, millions of people will slide into a depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They'll have difficulty sleeping, they'll feel lethargic and irritable, and they'll suffer weight gain as they begin craving starchy and sweet foods. Since the primary cause of SAD is thought to be reduced serotonin levels in the brain--a reaction to the reduction in sunlight--the conventional therapy has been for sufferers to sit in front of a bank of fluorescent white lights that mimic sunlight. As effective as this treatment can be, it's just not an enjoyable experience for the person being treated. A team of Massachusetts high-school students has come with an invention that could be even more effective because it feels less artificial.

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Max Weir attended the Malaysian Invention and Design Society's World Young Inventors Exhibition earlier this month where his prototype was up against 800 entries from more than 20 countries. His project, titled'Kids fight Climate Change with Artificial Intelligence', was the only entry from Australia in the Secondary Level section of the competition, which he won despite the average age of competitors being 16. The automated compost-bin monitoring system has several features, including a light sensor that measures the amount of waste being put into the bin by volume and weight. It also has a weight sensor that measures the amount of compost being produced through the decomposition process in the bin. The real-time information can then be viewed on a web page or mobile app.

Schools turn to technology to reduce toll during shootings

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In this Monday May 13, 2019 photo Julian Richner, 9, leaves school for the day to meet his mother as he passes behind a security guard at Beverly Hills Unified School District's K-8 Horace Mann School in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo: Richard Vogel, AP) LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Efforts to combat the intractable problem of school shootings are starting to shift from preventing the violence to reducing the number of victims through technology that speeds up law enforcement's response and quickly alerts teachers and students to danger. School districts are using products like gunshot detection systems that identify where shots are fired and apps that allow teachers to report attacks and connect with police. While a focus on gun control often emerges after shootings, technology can be a less partisan solution that's quick to implement -- though some experts say funding preventive mental health resources should be the priority. The tech approach comes amid rising concern over the inability to prevent shootings like the one last week at a suburban Denver high school. Student Kendrick Castillo, 18, was killed after charging one of the gunmen and was honored at a memorial service Wednesday.

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UMass Medical School's Information Technology Innovation Internship program is designed to provide exceptional opportunities for talented students and to strengthen UMMS' technology ecosystem through the innovative ideas and infectious energy of the interns. The IT Intern will get an opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic team of dedicated individuals committed to delivering forward thinking solutions with a focus on continuous improvement and advancing the health and well-being of the people in Massachusetts and the world through ground-breaking development in education, research and health care delivery. It's an exciting time to be at UMass Medical School! U.S. News & World Report ranks UMass Medical School 12th in the country for primary care, and this internship will provide a unique opportunity to learn and gain valuable skills in an elite academic and research institution that is among the most affordable in the country. We are looking for a high energy Internet of Things (IOT) Visualization Intern to combine various data center IT and infrastructure stats to build a real time data center dashboard inspired by former Ebay inc's Data Center Chief Dean Nelson's Digital Service Efficiency dashboard.