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Julia Kloeckner Takes Over as German Farm Minister in New Government

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She was credited with negotiating the agriculture section of coalition deal for the new government. The deal contains a goal of ending glyphosate use as a weed-killer in Germany, but gives no timetable. Alternatives must be developed first, the agreement says.

"Bullsh*t and spin": Autonomy founder mocks HP's $5B fraud suit against him


How could Dr Michael Lynch raise a $1 billion venture capital fund while being sued for $5 billion over alleged fraud in the $11 billion sale of his company Autonomy to HP? "The reality is, that doesn't take much time" since he has a team of lawyers on the case, Lynch said on stage during TechCrunch Disrupt London. HP originally paid Lynch $730 million for his stake in Autonomy. Now its trying to recover that money and what it thinks it overpaid for the big data company. HP ended up having to write-down nearly $9 billion of the $11 billion buyout after Autonomy fell apart in its arms. Lynch is countersuing for $160 million, claiming the fraud suit ruined his reputation.

U.S. Charges Autonomy Founder With Fraud Over Hewlett-Packard Deal WSJD - Technology

In 2015, Hewlett-Packard filed a lawsuit in London against Mr. Lynch and Autonomy's former finance chief seeking $5.1 billion in damages. The case is still winding through British courts. In April, a U.S. federal jury found Autonomy's former finance chief, Sushovan Hussain, guilty of falsifying financial statements and exaggerating the company's value. Mr. Hussain has denied wrongdoing and is appealing. Mr. Lynch's lawyers on Friday said they rejected the U.S. government's charges and said the matter should be resolved in British courts.


AAAI Conferences

Robots autonomy has been widely focused on in the newspapers with a trend towards anthropomorphism that is likely to mislead people and conceal or disguise the technical reality. This paper aims at reviewing the different technical aspects of robots autonomy. First we propose a definition allowing to distinguish robots from devices that are not robots. Then autonomy is defined and considered as a relative notion within a framework of authority sharing between the decision functions of the robot and the human being. Several technical issues are mentioned according to three points of view: (i) the robot, (ii) the human operator and (iii) the interaction between the operator and the robot. Some key questions that should be carefully dealt with for future robotic systems are given at the end of the paper.

Thousands of Hungarians march for more autonomy in Romania

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Some 3,000 ethnic Hungarians have staged a march in Romania's northwest Transylvania region to demand more autonomy. They gathered in Targu Mures, a city that is home to many ethnic Hungarians, on Saturday carrying a giant Szekler flag, a symbol of the Hungarian minority seeking greater self-determination in Romania. Participants shouted "Autonomy!" and presented a petition calling for territorial autonomy for their group. They said the request would not "affect the territorial autonomy and sovereignty of Romania." There are some 1.2 million ethnic Hungarians living in Romania, a country of 19 million.