Arlo outage knocks security cameras offline


Arlo security camera owners haven't had the most reliable coverage this weekend. The Netgear-linked brand has confirmed a service outage that knocked many cameras offline starting in the late afternoon on August 4th. Customers faced "intermittent login errors" that either prevented them from signing in or wouldn't let them watch motion detection recordings. Others couldn't watch live streams or connect in the first place. The outage appears to have run for a few hours as of this writing.

'I'm in your baby's room': A hacker took over a baby monitor and broadcast threats, parents say

Washington Post

At first, it was a beeping that woke Ellen and Nathan Rigney in the middle of the night. Then it became something more sinister. A stranger's voice, spouting "sexual expletives," wafted through a baby monitor in the Rigneys' room -- one that was linked to a Nest camera in their infant's room upstairs, according to KRPC News. Alarmed, the Rigneys turned on their lights. Unprompted, a Nest camera in their room activated and the same man's voice told them to turn the lights back off.

'White hat hacker' talks directly to man through his Nest camera

Daily Mail

A Phoenix man thought he was getting robbed when he first heard an unfamiliar voice inside his home. But Andy Gregg was even more startled when he realized the voice was coming from the Nest security camera he had installed at his front window. The voice informed Gregg that the very camera he installed to make his home more secure had actually been compromised after his password was exposed online. Andy Gregg, of Phoenix, recently discovered that his Nest camera had been compromised after his password was exposed online. Nest Cam security cameras are connected to cell phones and provide 24/7 live streaming as well as a built-in speaker and mic so you can hear what's happening at home and talk to family, children, or intruders.

Hackers disable scores of Canon-made security cameras across Japan

The Japan Times

More than 60 security cameras made by Canon Inc. have been hacked and rendered unusable at places including key waterways, a fish market and a care facility for people with disabilities, it was learned Monday. Many of the networked cameras had messages left on their screens saying, "I'm Hacked. Although it is unclear why the cameras have were been targeted, two cities -- Yachiyo in Chiba Prefecture and Ageo in Saitama -- that lost control of waterway cameras noted they had not reset the networked cameras' default password. Canon said it could not comment on each individual case but urged clients on its website to change the default password. Security cameras connected to the internet allow monitoring via computers, smartphones and other mobile devices via so-called internet of things technology.

RCA WiFi Camera Security System review: This camera is too ordinary to impress


RCA has dabbled in outdoor home security with a couple of video doorbells and a floodlight camera. The unimaginatively named WiFi Camera Security System is its first stab at an indoor camera, and its kind of a mixed bag. While some security camera manufacturers try to make their products less intrusive with small footprints and sleek modern designs, RCA makes no such concessions. The HSWIFI1 uses a chunky cup-style design for both the camera enclosure and its base. The latter has an antenna and a tail-like thermal sensor attached at the back, and the whole unit has a glossy black finish that easily collects fingerprints and smudges when handled.