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This 25 Bluetooth tracker made my Apple TV remote less frustrating


The fourth-generation Apple TV has the most elegant remote control I've ever used. It has cool-to-the-touch aluminum on the back, and smooth glass on the front. No other streaming box remote--and I've used them all--has proven so adept at disappearing into the couch. This happens with such regularity that when the remote goes missing, my first thought is to start uprooting couch cushions even if the remote is hiding somewhere in plain sight. My wife eventually reached a breaking point and demanded that we procure some sort of remote-control-tracking device to solve the problem.

Location Data: IoT Applications and Benefits


IoT solutions in other verticals have already helped insurance providers save customers 25% on premiums. One reason for the reduction in costs is that implementing location capabilities into the hardware insurance companies use allows customers to have "pay as you go" insurance based on the actual distance traveled. Moreover, the hardware can capture other information about the safety of the car or signs of an accident based on the error codes the car reports to the IoT hardware. And while the lower premiums are certainly compelling, more important still is the reason insurers are reducing premiums: IoT solutions that allow granular and scalable asset management reliably reduce risk to assets, profit margins, human lives alike.


International Business Times

Apple will install its secret Horizon Machine, which fixes cracked iPhone glass, at 400 third-party locations by the end of the year. Without the Horizon Machine's technology, the iPhone won't unlock the screen using the fingerprint ID and features that require Touch ID, like Apple Pay, won't work. Locations use copycat parts for repairing iPhones because Apple, like other major manufacturers, supplies parts or repair manuals only to authorized service partners. The bills would require manufacturers to supply repair manuals, diagnostic tools and authentic replacement parts at fair prices to independent technicians and the public.

iPhone X Release Date Won't Be Affected By $370K Theft

International Business Times

While Apple fans around the world await the market release of the iPhone X, a trio of thieves have made off with $370,000 worth of iPhone X handsets. Three men in a white Dodge van stole 313 iPhone X handsets from a UPS truck parked outside of the Stonestown Galleria Apple Store Wednesday, according to the local San Francisco television station, KTSF. The thieves have not yet been found, but the crime has been reported to the police. The description and serial number of each handset recorded, in what Sgt. Paul Weggenmann, an officer on the case has described as the "fattest" report he's ever seen.