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Save up to $50 on select Fitbit fitness trackers on Amazon


Everyone needs a little help staying on track with their workout regimens. Living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work and the people at Fitbit want to give you the edge when it comes to tracking your workouts, activities, and even sleep. You can save up to $50 on select Fitbit devices on Amazon, including some of the company's newest and best-selling models like the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch, the Fitbit Charge 3, and more. If you're looking for a fitness tracker for your workouts and busy lifestyle, then the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is the one for you. It features all-day activity tracking, including heart rate and sleep, as well as running and swimming mode options and personalized coaching with crazy-long four-day battery life.

The best deals on Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers this Prime Day


SAVE UP TO 44%: Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are on sale for Prime Day, saving you up to 44% on list price. Prime Day has officially kicked off, and more deals are dropping every hour. There are a lot of deals, discounts, and promotions to consider, and it could be seriously overwhelming if you don't have some help. Luckily we are lining up a selection of the best deals throughout the sale, and we've got some good news for anyone looking to save on smartwatches and fitness trackers: you can now save up to 44% on Fitbit. You can save on popular models like the Fitbit Versa 2, Inspire, and Inspire HR until midnight on Oct. 14: The Fitbit Inspire is a fitness tracker for every day that helps you build healthy habits.

The Fitbit Sense just got a new lowest price ever


Save $70: The Fitbit Sense is at its lowest price ever ($259.95) at Amazon and Best Buy. We know we told you about some sick Fitbit deals a few days ago, but the Fitbit Sense has dropped down even further -- which brings it to a new lowest price ever. So, we thought you'd want to know about that. At both Amazon and Best Buy, the Fitbit Sense is on sale for $259.95, Previously, it was $50 off.

The stress-relieving Fitbit Sense smartwatch is now as low as $219.99 at Amazon


The Fitbit Sense advanced smartwatch is on sale for as low as $219.99 with an extra discount applied at checkout at Amazon as of July 13. When you hop on the elliptical in your new home gym, it's important to track your progress. And there are plenty of high-quality and affordable fitness trackers to help you in that regard. But there's more to wellness than physical health, and if you want to manage everyday stress with a smartwatch, the new Fitbit Sense is really your only option. This versatile Fitbit Sense advanced smartwatch is on sale for as low as $219.99 at Amazon if you're ready for a new way to track your overall health.

Fitbit's $200 Versa is a friendlier fitness smartwatch for the masses


At 11.2mm thick, the Versa is the thinnest smartwatch Fitbit has ever managed to make, and the company claims it's the lightest all-metal smartwatch you'll find in the US. It didn't feel dramatically lighter than the Series 3 Apple Watch I brought along for comparison, but we'll sort that out once it's time for a full review. A 1.34-inch square LCD sits in the middle of the Versa's body, and with brightness topping out at 1,000 nits, it was remarkably easy to read even under harsh sunlight. You'll find 4GB of storage inside, only 2.5GB of which is available for music storage (you know so that you can leave your phone at home during runs). To be clear, though, the Versa can't do everything the Ionic can.