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The Power of Artificial Intelligence What's Hot


Education through machines is a reality. From industry to business and to education now, it is time to lose our reservations and embrace artificial intelligence. Teachers can see the limitations that technology can't or doesn't observe. However, there is no scalable way for students to closely engage with teachers as class sizes grow. This leads to gaps of knowledge between the lessons teachers submit to their administrators and the principles students are able to absorb.

Cisco debuts Webex Classrooms


Cisco on Tuesday previewed Webex Classrooms, a version of the video conferencing platform designed to securely connect teachers with students and parents -- during, before and after class. The product is designed to bring the best of Webex to online learning, while augmenting traditional learning management systems (LMSs). Webex Classrooms lets teachers set up online classes, schedule virtual office hours or parent-teacher conferences, and automate note taking and attendance. It supports pre-defined education templates and security settings for virtual classroom experiences. Students, meanwhile, can use Webex Classrooms to view schedules, class recordings, notes and assignments.

Avaya announces Spaces collaboration software for free to education institutions in India - CRN - India


In response to the global health emergency due to Covid-19, Avaya announced that it will provide its Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to education institutions, including colleges and universities along with non-profit organisations in India till August, 2020. Avaya Spaces is recognized for its ease of implementation and the significant impact it can have on organizational resilience and continuity. Making Avaya Spaces available for free to schools and universities will address the challenges around delivering education that arise in the event of school and businesses closures. A cloud meeting and team collaboration app that seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing and more, Avaya Spaces offers the tools required to deliver lectures and schoolwork safely and securely over the web. Avaya Spaces provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely – and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings and content sharing.

5 tech devices that should be part of all classrooms NEO BLOG


The ancient Greeks thought that the end of the world was today's Morocco and the titan named Atlas bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. Kids today learn about this myth and know better than the most civilized people in the ancient world. Schools bear the same weight on their shoulders, because kids must always know more about our world. There are a lot of aspects to learning and a lot of dedicated people that work together for a better education system. From old teaching methods to innovative technology, schools need to deliver the best education if we want our kids to stand a chance when facing the unknown future.

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the education system


From machine learning to smart sensors, today, social as well as economic ecosystems are surrounded by the dynamics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, the presence of robotics is perceived as a powerful catalyst for industrial productivity and economic growth. Artificial Intelligence in association with the other path-breaking technologies of the present times is increasing the efficiency of people as well as machines in every sector, and prominently in the education sector. Today, Artificial Intelligence has already made long strides in the academic world, transforming the traditional methods of imparting knowledge into a comprehensive system of learning using simulation and augmented reality (AR) tools. Interactive study material comprising text as well as media files can be shared very easily among the interest groups and with the help of smart devices, they can utilise the study material rather effectively as per their convenience.