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Virtual Class Enhanced Discriminative Embedding Learning

Neural Information Processing Systems

Recently, learning discriminative features to improve the recognition performances gradually becomes the primary goal of deep learning, and numerous remarkable works have emerged. In this paper, we propose a novel yet extremely simple method Virtual Softmax to enhance the discriminative property of learned features by injecting a dynamic virtual negative class into the original softmax. Injecting virtual class aims to enlarge inter-class margin and compress intra-class distribution by strengthening the decision boundary constraint. Although it seems weird to optimize with this additional virtual class, we show that our method derives from an intuitive and clear motivation, and it indeed encourages the features to be more compact and separable. This paper empirically and experimentally demonstrates the superiority of Virtual Softmax, improving the performances on a variety of object classification and face verification tasks.

Flagstaff District: 1-On-1 Teaching Vs Virtual Group Classes

U.S. News

Flagstaff Education Association President and English teacher Derek Born says the district decided to have students work alone and have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their teachers; but not in groups. At first, he wasn't happy with the decision not to use Zoom but he says ethical issues arose because of the district's diverse economic class. He says worst-case scenario students in tough family situations, extreme poverty or experiencing homelessness or even abuse, could reveal that environment to their classmates if left on Zoom in a group setting.

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Watch yourself get buff with this $1,495 mirror that streams virtual fitness classes


Mirror is the brainchild of Brynn Putnam, a former professional ballerina and owner of a chain of boutique fitness studios in Manhattan. Putnam says the idea came to her because she was finding it increasingly difficult to find time to work out. "I had a child, and even though I was the owner of a fitness studio, I found myself struggling to make my real life work with my workouts," she said. "The challenge for me was figuring out how to bring the amazing in-studio experience that we had developed over the past 10 years to people in their homes." Using the app, participants can choose individual instruction or group classes.