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Intel Capital Leads $11.5M in Series A Funding for Hypersonix


Intel Capital Leads $11.5M in Series A Funding for Hypersonix, an AI-Driven Autonomous Analytics Platform Founded by Former Executives from SAP, PayPal, IBM As reported today in the Wall Street Journal, Hypersonix has received $11.5M in Series A funding led by Intel Capital with participation from existing investors. Hypersonix was founded by successful serial entrepreneur and former SAP executive Prem Kiran, and is led by an impressive co-founding team, including Rama Rao, former MIT research faculty member for advanced analytics, as well as former PayPal and Intuit data executive, and Todd Michaud, a former IBM executive and former president at Retalix. Hypersonix is an autonomous analytics and decisioning platform that is transforming consumer commerce data with artificial intelligence and automation. Amazon Lab126 is among its early customers. The funding comes at a time when IDC predicts worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions to reach $274.3B by 2022.

How Big Data is slowly destroying our environment


I started my career around 30 years ago at one of the largest investment banks on Wall Street. Their data center was huge. We had mainframes, midrange computers and various types of minicomputers. The cost of running the data center was enormous, in terms of energy, maintenance, real estate and resources to keep the data center operational. In 1991 I joined Information Builders in the group that released EDA/SQL to market.

These Three Companies Are Tops In Artificial Intelligence


Computer software giants (CRM) and Microsoft (MSFT) are top software picks to prosper from artificial intelligence -- along with a much smaller company, Hortonworks (HDP) -- according to one Wall Street brokerage. "Microsoft is positioned to be the biggest beneficiary to AI in our coverage due to its cloud-computing infrastructure (Azure)," Barclays analyst Raimo Lenschow said in a note to clients. " is still in the early stages of rolling out Einstein across its entire product portfolio. Hortonworks, along with its partnership with IBM (IBM), gives customers a path to manage and analyze Big Data." At a basic level, artificial intelligence is the use of computer algorithms to attempt to replicate the human ability to learn, reason and make decisions.

Google's big data breach: Google shuts down as nearly half a million accounts compromised


Google Plus is shutting down after a data leak was discovered by the company. Here is everything you need to know. Google has confirmed that it is shutting down Google, a social network that was launched to rival Facebook, but failed to make an impact. However, the big news is not that Google is finally shutting down, which seemed inevitable, but that Google hid the data leak that has compromised nearly 500,000 accounts. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google found the software bug in its API in March 2018, though it had existed since 2015.

Facebook Reveals More Than 50 Hardware Data Partnerships In Document

International Business Times

Social media giant Facebook has spent most of 2018 fighting off accusations of data misuse, and a document released over the weekend will not stem that tide. Facebook gave hundreds of pages worth of answers to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday night, which notably featured a full list of every hardware maker that previously had extensive access to Facebook user data. The document is almost 750 pages in total, the Wall Street Journal reported. In it, Facebook attempted to answer questions submitted by members of the committee. One such question was about a recent report that dozens of hardware companies, including some in China, had broad access to user data without explicit user consent.