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US Pacific Fleet expands use of 3rd Fleet commanders

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The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander says he plans to expand the role of the U.S. 3rd Fleet commander and her staff. The Pacific Fleet consists of the 3rd Fleet headquartered in San Diego and the 7th Fleet headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan. For decades, the 7th Fleet has taken command of 3rd Fleet ships when they crossed the international dateline. But Adm. Scott Swift said Tuesday he plans to have 3rd Fleet commander Vice Adm. Nora Tyson and her staff maintain operational control of some of these ships when they travel west. For example, he says the 3rd Fleet could lead the Navy's response to a tsunami while the 7th Fleet focuses on Japanese earthquake relief.

How AI Fleet Management Will Shape the Future of Transportation


There are many opinions about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change the world with expectations about its capabilities for now and in the future. AI simply refers to intelligence displayed by machines in contrast to that displayed by humans. Although humans are intelligent, they cannot be programmed to exceed their current capabilities in the same way a machine can. This has led to the creation of smart machines that handle tasks otherwise difficult for humans to handle efficiently. Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a constant presence in many technological applications.

How AI fleet Management Will Shape the Future of Transportation


The future of transportation looks more promising than ever due to the exciting applications of AI in fleet management. Unpredictable road conditions, operational costs, and driver retention problems could easily become obsolete as fleets move to AI-based systems. Every stakeholder stands to benefit a lot from the efficiency and reliability of this technology because of a reduction in costs, accidents, driver turnover, and other problems which could reflect on the pricing of fleet services. It could also ensure that other road users remain safe.

How Is AI Integrated With Fleet Management? – Top 5 Methods – ONE Tech


The path carved by recent impacts in AI-development has made way for unprecedented growth in the fleet industry. Enterprises are aware of the multitude of pain-points associated with overseeing thousands of vehicles and drivers. Challenges range from small to disruptive on a macro-level. Some of these disruptions require unique solutions that aren't available in standard handbooks. These challenges include having outdated software, unused or unauthorized usages of assets, unpredictable fuel costs, and a need to effectively manage nationally-dispersed vehicles.

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