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Live transcriptions of F1 races using Amazon Transcribe


The Formula 1 (F1) live steaming service, F1 TV, has live automated closed captions in three different languages: English, Spanish, and French. For the 2021 season, FORMULA 1 has achieved another technological breakthrough, building a fully automated workflow to create closed captions in three languages and broadcasting to 85 territories using Amazon Transcribe. Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that allows you to generate audio transcription. In this post, we share how Formula 1 joined forces with the AWS Professional Services team to make it happen. We discuss how they used Amazon Transcribe and its custom vocabulary feature as well as custom-built postprocessing logic to improve their live transcription accuracy in three languages.

Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Automatic Language Identification


In 2017, we launched Amazon Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition service that makes it easy for developers to add a speech-to-text capability to their applications. Since then, we added support for more languages, enabling customers globally to transcribe audio recordings in 31 languages, including 6 in real-time. A popular use case for Amazon Transcribe is transcribing customer calls. This allows companies to analyze the transcribed text using natural language processing techniques to detect sentiment or to identify the most common call causes. If you operate in a country with multiple official languages or across multiple regions, your audio files can contain different languages.

Closed Captioning vs Subtitles


Unsure on if you should do closed captions or subtitles, or even what the differences are between them? This article discusses what are subtitles and compares closed captioning vs subtitles to assist you on which to go with and why. If you are curious on technology around automating closed caption generation, register for this How to Add Closed Captions Powered by IBM Watson webinar. Subtitles are a text version of dialogue spoken during video content. That video content can range from television, movies or online streaming sources.

How To Automatically Translate Videos Into Any Language (Subtitles Audio) with VidScribe Software


VidScribe is a powerful desktop application that can automatically create local language versions of your videos. This means, this software will automatically localize your videos in other languages: Just give it your original video, press a button and VidScribe will use AI technology to detect the audio on the video and transcribe it. Next, it can automatically create the SRT files, subtitle your videos with local language text or even redub the entire video, replacing the soundtrack with a local language version. You have a fresh video in the language of your choice in just a matter of minutes. VidScribe supports 100s of languages!

FAQ This! Why Should I Care About Amazon AI?


One of the latest was last week's AWS re:Invent, where Amazon announced a new suite of AI-enabled technology designed with businesses in mind. And while these new products, features, and tools come with a host of opportunities for the developers, marketers, and others who plan to use them, they also raise a few questions. What are they designed to do? How can they help you? Let's take a look at some of these AI announcements from AWS re:Invent and dig deeper into just what they mean.