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What is a Trotskyist?

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Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson has said "Trotsky entryists" are "twisting arms" of young Labour members to back Jeremy Corbyn - what does he mean? Some Labour supporters on Twitter were puzzled by his words - they said they had never heard of Trotsky and had no idea what an "entryist" was. Mr Corbyn's team accused him of peddling conspiracy theories. Trotskyism has its origins in early 20th Century Russian politics and the path pursued by one of the founders of the Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was the head of the Red Army and a key player in the violent revolution that toppled the Russian tsar and established the world's first socialist state.

Do you know your Trotskyists from your anarcho-syndicalists?

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A feature of the fight for control of the Labour Party over the past year has been a fair amount of finger-pointing, with leader Jeremy Corbyn's supporters decried as "Trots" and "anarcho-syndicalists" and his critics branded "Blairites" and "neoliberals". What do all these terms mean? While Labour members on different sides of the party might not agree on much, most are happy to call themselves socialists. It was in Tony Blair's controversial speech to party conference and 1994, and it was in Jeremy Corbyn's speech to conference on Wednesday, when he heralded "21st Century socialism". Since the idea first came into being in the 19th Century, socialism has taken on many forms, but most versions of it have in common a belief in public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources.

Who is Derek Hatton?

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For anyone under the age of 40, the name Derek Hatton will probably not mean much - so why has the news that he has rejoined the Labour Party provoked so much comment? Mr Hatton's expulsion from Labour in 1986 was seen as the defining moment in then leader Neil Kinnock's efforts to purge the party of the "hard left". It was a stepping stone towards the creation of Tony Blair's New Labour - and the banishing of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and others on the left of the party to Labour's margins for three decades. A brash, voluble Scouser, with a taste for Armani suits, Mr Hatton became a national figure as deputy leader of Liverpool City Council, which defied the Thatcher government's cuts to local government by setting an illegal budget. But it was his role as a leading figure in the Militant tendency that made him such a bogey figure for the so-called moderate wing of the party - and a hero to the left.

Momentum founder Jon Lansman voted on to Labour's NEC

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Jeremy Corbyn has extended his influence over Labour's governing body following elections to the National Executive Committee.

Momentum founder Jon Lansman quits as chairman

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The founder of the Labour grassroots campaign group Momentum, Jon Lansman, has announced he will step down as its chairman next month. Mr Lansman, a close ally of ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said it was time to "hand over to a new leadership." The left-wing group was formed out of the campaign that supported Mr Corbyn in his successful 2015 leadership bid. Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner said Mr Lansman had made "a big impact on politics". Announcing his departure on the Labour List website, Mr Lansman said Momentum was "a mass of dedicated activists fighting for a better world" but said he would not miss "operating against a backdrop of warring factions, abuse and hatred".