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Anki's Vector-The Best Household Robot With Wheels


We have seen robots working alongside humans in so many movies. We also dream that someday such human companion robots will come into the market. These robots will not only assist us in the day to day activities but be a great companion as well. Talking about robots, remember W.A.L.L.E, the little adorable robot that emerged as the last hope for human civilization. How Much Human are Humanoid Robots?

Scientists have created a unique robot based on artificial intelligence -


European and American experts teach the robot various movements A group of engineers from Switzerland, Germany and the USA, trained the robot ANYmal walk, run and recover from falls using artificial intelligence algorithms, not manual algorithms-controllers. A feature of the work also lies in the fact that the algorithm was trained during the simulation, and then learned the skill were transferred to the real robot, say the authors of the article in Science is Robotics. Engineers have already created many of the walking robots of different designs, including some that are quite sophisticated. For example, a well known robotics company Boston Dynamics, is able to stay on his feet after the attacks. However, in addition to hardware component is not less important software.

Anki's Vector Is a Little AI-Powered Robot Now on Kickstarter for $200

IEEE Spectrum Robotics

San Francisco-based robotics company Anki is launching today a new robot called Vector. It drives on little tank treads, has an expressive LCD face, and is constantly moving around, making beeps and bloops. Vector resembles Anki's previous robot, Cozmo, but is packed with more technology--and character. Anki says Vector is designed as a robot companion and helper for people at home. But don't expect much: The robot has a tiny voice and can barely push a coffee mug around.

Anki Vector review: A tiny robot with a big personality


Back in August, I got to see Vector, the first smart home robot from Anki. And after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Vector is here. While Vector is an entertaining smart home robot, it doesn't make me feel like I'm in the future, or at least not the one I was hoping for. Vector can move on its own and has a beautiful personality. And after more than a week with it, I've become attached to a degree.

Anki unveils adorable Vector assistant that can recognize faces, answer questions, and do tricks

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Anki's new robo-assistant is no Alexa or Google Home – and that's exactly what gives Vector its charm. The firm released its adorable bot this month after a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, which raked in over $1,800,000 from thousands of backers. Unlike other home AI on the market, which make efforts to mask their robotic personalities in sleek packaging, Vector fully embraces its sci-fi inspiration to give you an emotive, free-roaming helper that goes out of its way to stand out. Anki has released its adorable bot this month after a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, which raked in over $1,800,000 from thousands of backers. Vector is capable of taking on many of the basic tasks you might ask of Siri; the $250 robot can tell you the weather, set timers, and look up the answers to your questions, be it the date of the upcoming full moon or the amount of calories in a given snack.