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Recommended Reading: Why is 'Orange Is the New Black' so good?


'Orange Is the New Black' is Netflix's only great drama Alison Herman, The Ringer The fourth season of the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black starts streaming this weekend, and if you haven't watched your first episode yet, now's the time to catch up. The show is widely regarded as the best on the streaming service, or at least the best drama in the library. Alison Herman from The Ringer discusses that latter point and why Netflix's other dramas just don't stack up.

'Mistresses' Season 4 Hiatus: What To Watch While Waiting For The ABC Drama's August 8th Return

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"Mistresses" is going on vacation! But just because the hit ABC show is taking a bit of a break doesn't mean fans of the sizzling summer series have to deprive themselves of drama. Until Season 4 of "Mistresses" makes its way back to the small screen on Aug. 8 audiences can spend their Monday night's binge watching other chaos-riddled shows and movies. All you need is a Netflix account! For those who are already subscribed to the popular streaming service, you can catch titles similar to "Mistresses," or watch other dramas starring your favorite ABC actors.

Recommended Reading: How we got two Fyre Festival documentaries


We've known for a while now that Hulu and Netflix were both working on documentaries chronicling the ill-fated influencer trainwreck that was the Fyre Festvial. We also knew Netflix was set to debut its version on January 18th. Before it could do so, Hulu debuted its film earlier this week, getting its take on the event that never happened to viewers first. So... why are there two in the first place? And why was Hulu in a rush to be first?



I don't know how it was for your timeline, but on my Twitter feed, the week of July 18, 2016 was an odd phenomenon. A strange little show had landed on Netflix the Friday before, but it was Monday that I first noticed someone talking about it. It was subtle at first: a "have you seen this?" here; a "whoa, nostalgia trip!" there. As the days passed, the volume around Stranger Things ratcheted up considerably. Everyone, it seemed, was diving into the Stephen-King-evoking, Steven-Spielberg-honoring thriller, only to surface again on social media with an exuberance they felt compelled to pass long.