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50 Contemporary Artificial Intelligence Leading Experts and Researchers


For those who like, love or are just interested or want to discover what is Artificial Intelligence, I have built this fine List of 50 Top Contemporary Artificial Intelligence Experts and Researchers. I've done too a « classification » among the AI Topics, but evidently all these leading figures are all, globally, specialists in Machine Learning.

The future of AI? Here's what Microsoft researchers think


Ripping a page out of the IBM 5 for 5 playbook, Microsoft likes to use these annual predictions to showcase the work of its hotshot research brain trust. Some of the picks are already familiar. One is about how advances in deep learning--which endows computers with human-like thought processes--will make computers or other smart devices more intuitive and easier to use. This is something we've all heard before, but the work is not done, I guess.

18 AI researchers reveal the most impressive thing they've ever seen


This year especially, artificial intelligence (AI) has had a renaissance -- Tesla pushed their self-driving autopilot out to all eligible cars, and Google and Facebook have both announced large investments in AI research. The latest human jobs to be taken by robots include video game playing and trading stocks. In the near future, robots might even become your best friend. Where will these technologies take us next? Well to know that we should determine what's the best of the best now.

Top 5 Most Worrying AI Trends of 2018, According to Top Researchers


Artificial intelligence is already beginning to spiral out of our control, a new report from top researchers warns. Not so much in a Skynet kind of sense, but more in a'technology companies and governments are already using AI in ways that amp up surveillance and further marginalize vulnerable populations' kind of way. On Thursday, the AI Now Institute, which is affiliated with New York University and is home to top AI researchers with Google and Microsoft, released a report detailing, essentially, the state of AI in 2018, and the raft of disconcerting trends unfolding in the field. What we broadly define as AI--machine learning, automated systems, etc.--is currently being developed faster than our regulatory system is prepared to handle, the report says. And it threatens to consolidate power in the tech companies and oppressive governments that deploy AI while rendering just about everyone else more vulnerable to its biases, capacities for surveillance, and myriad dysfunctions.