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Without concerted effort from Japan's industry players, online scalping looks unstoppable

The Japan Times

Several weeks ago, 116 pop music artists and 24 concert-related companies bought full-page advertisements in two national dailies. The ads publicized the signatories' determination to combat the practice of reselling concert tickets on the internet, which has resulted in hugely inflated prices for popular acts. By squeezing out fans who couldn't afford these prices, the message said, the resale market was threatening the very existence of popular music. Exactly what these artists and companies are going to do about it, however, isn't clear; nor, exactly, is what they can do, short of convincing the government to ban ticket resales over the internet. Reselling tickets is basically online scalping.

Live Nation Offers $20 Concert Tickets For Future, Chris Brown, Sam Hunt And More

International Business Times

It's not secret that tickets for concerts have become extremely expensive, but Live Nation will try to ease your pain this summer with its Kickoff To Summer promotion. They will offer $20 tickets to a number of shows. Starting on May 2 and running until May 9, Live Nation will give concertgoers the chance to purchase cheap tickets to shows from Future, Sam Hunt, Chris Brown, Prince Royce, Brad Paisley, Pitbull, Kids of Leon, John Mayer and many more. Live Nation will be offering concert tickets for $20. Pictured: Future on April 15, 2017 performing in Indio, California. According to Live Nation, tickets for more than 50 tours and 1000-plus shows at venues across the nation will be made available.

Social media 'must tackle ticket fraud'

BBC News

Social media sites must do more to tackle online ticket fraud, after being used for nearly half of all such scams last year, councils have warned. Sports and music fans have been warned by Trading Standards teams to beware of fake tickets for sale this summer. Major events, including Euro 2016 and music festivals, are expected to be targeted by fraudsters. In 2015, 5.2m was lost by customers, police figures suggested - a 55% rise from the previous year. Online ticket fraud revenue had been 3.35m in 2014, police said.

New events platform is launched that can ban online trolls from concerts

Daily Mail - Science & tech

People who post offensive content online could be denied entry to concerts and events by a new events website that can spot abusive messages in customers' social media posts. A barrister specialising in technology law has set up a new platform which will examine social media posts for sentiment via algorithms scanning through content. Richard Ryan, who is also CEO of security firm SentiaGPR, has created a new platform called Vertus Fusion which can be used by venues, artists and ticket providers. A barrister specialising in technology law has set up a new platform which will measure posts for sentiment via algorithms which scan through content online. Ticket buyers will need to take a photo of themselves when buying a ticket online which can be used for facial recognition technology at the event.

YellowHeart allows musicians and concert organizers to take more control of resold tickets – TechCrunch


YellowHeart is trying to solve a problem that should be familiar to anyone who's ever tried to buy a ticket to a popular concert: Those tickets will often get snatched up by scalpers, who then resell them at a much higher price. In fact, the startup's CEO Josh Katz said he founded the company because he's a music "megafan" himself, and he was "just tired of getting ripped off by scalpers." At the same time, he said this isn't just a problem for concertgoers. Instead, he painted it as a "lose-lose for the fan and the artist," because the musicians aren't sharing in the profits from the marked-up tickets either. So YellowHeart can allow a musician, concert venue or other "event initiator" to set up rules for how their tickets are resold.