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Online retailer Amazon may be turning to health care

The Japan Times

SAN FRANCISCO – Triumphant in online retail, cloud computing, organic groceries and streaming television, Amazon founder and chief "disruptor" Jeff Bezos is turning his seemingly limitless ambition to health care.

No buyers found for UK retailer BHS, thousands of jobs to go

U.S. News

As many as 11,000 people in Britain are set to lose their jobs after administrators failed to find a buyer for troubled retailer BHS. Administrator Duff & Phelps say last ditch rescue bids failed to raise enough working capital to secure a deal and that BHS' 163 shops will close and be sold off to other retailers. Duff & Phelps says 8,000 permanent employees are likely to lose their jobs, together with 3,000 others not directly employed by BHS. Philip Duffy, managing director of Duff & Phelps, says that these are turbulent times for retailers and that "BHS has fallen as another victim of the seismic shifts we are seeing." BHS went into administration in April, leaving behind a 571 million pound ( 825 million) pension black hole.

Three Email Trends Retailers Should Keep in Mind for 2020


Email is still at the center of marketers' digital programs. No surprise there; it offers several benefits: It's an owned communications channel, it's permissioned--meaning consumers have opted in and indicated interest--and it's a traditional marketing channel that most marketers are thoroughly experienced with. "We treat our email marketing program as an opportunity to strengthen and deepen engagement with our most loyal users," said Lawrence Scotland, senior vice president of digital and brand marketing at frozen meal brand Luvo. "And we use it as an outlet to solidify and drive credibility in the nutrition and health and wellness space, which is the area that we play in." In our latest report on the topic, "Email Marketing 2019: Still a Leading Touchpoint for Marketers and Consumers Alike," we look at the trends shaping email marketing practices next year.

Doorbuster Discounts Unlikely at Small Retailers This Season

U.S. News

Many small and independent retailers find that big markdowns don't motivate people to shop at their stores or websites. Or, they can't afford to use them -- unlike national chains, they don't have the high volume of sales allowing them to slash prices without hurting earnings. Retailers who want their stores to have a certain cachet also believe slashing prices may lessen their appeal. And some store owners don't want to play cat and mouse with customers, continually lowering prices until shoppers finally buy. Those who do give holiday markdowns often make them modest, or limit them to big days like Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.

5 Lessons the World's Largest Online Retailers Spent Millions to Learn

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

If you look closely, the big time online retailer websites have a lot in common. One of those being that they spend a lot of cash testing to improve conversion rates. Come even closer and you will start to see patterns in what they are doing to increase these rates. I've compiled 5 of them and you can say thank you later. Lesson 1 - Reduce the customers risk People are really scared these days of the lack of privacy online provides.