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Industry Verticals READY for Artificial Intelligence in 2018 - Direct2DellEMC


Imagine what the world would be like if we could harness the multitude of data generated each day to catalyze positive change. What if we had the ability to predict and stop crimes before they happened, or could apply these same methodologies to save lives with better healthcare? With recent advances in artificial intelligence, these outcomes are not only possible, but an exciting reality!

Artificial intelligence development is changing how industry works


Many industries are going to benefit from artificial intelligence development. It's hard to say which ones in the long term will find the highest level of success, but we can already see significant benefits in a host of industries. At its core, artificial intelligence is a tool that can acquire, organize and analyze vast amounts of data to create and parameterize models to recognize patterns and make predictions. AI is delivering many benefits and its continued use is the key to making a business more competitive. By automating some of the repetitive, basic tasks, a company can increase productivity, reduce mistakes and enable quicker, better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases - Datamation


Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly getting attention from enterprise decision makers. Given that, it's no surprise that AI use cases are growing. According research conducted by Gartner, smart machines will achieve mainstream adoption by 2021, with 30 percent of large companies using AI. These technologies, which can take the form of cognitive computing, machine learning and deep learning, are now tapping advanced capabilities such as image recognition, speech recognition, the use of smart agents, and predictive analytics to reinvent the way organizations do business. Combined with other digital technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), a new era of AI promises to transform business.

Artificial Intelligence Deals Tracker: 7K Deals Across 20 Industries In One Heatmap - CB Insights Research


Using the CB Insights platform, we track where AI is heating up, from health to entertainment. Since 2013, over 3.6K AI startups have raised equity funding globally. The majority of these companies -- like unicorns UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Face -- sell AI software-as-a-service. Others use AI to develop their core products, including Indigo Agriculture, which leverages machine learning to develop microbial seed treatments. Some other startups -- such as Graphcore, Habana, and Cerebras -- focus on hardware to support AI workloads.