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In Stone interviews, Putin says he once asked about Russia joining NATO

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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting with representatives of international news agencies in St. Petersburg, Russia. MOSCOW -- Russian President Vladimir Putin says that early on in his tenure he floated the idea of Russia joining NATO. In a series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone, Putin said he inquired about Russia joining the alliance when then U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Moscow in 2000. "During the meeting I said: 'Let's consider an option that Russia might join NATO,'" Putin recalled. But the U.S. delegation got very nervous."

FOOLED BY PUTIN? Leader may have shown Oliver Stone fake video

FOX News

It may be a tempest in a teacup, or, perhaps, a storm in a samovar. Russian social media is reacting strongly to something President Vladimir Putin showed filmmaker Oliver Stone for the director's much-hyped, four-part series of free-flowing chats with the long-time Russian leader. In episode three of "The Putin Interviews," the Russian president shows Stone footage on a cellphone of what he claims are Russian operations in Syria. You see heavy bombardment, huge clouds and men running. It may not be Russian operations at all.

Oliver Stone's unhealthy treatment of hacking in Hollywood


What's so compelling about Oliver Stone's recent four-part interview series with Vladimir Putin is probably not what the multi-Oscar-winning director intended. It's the same thing that makes his Snowden biopic its own sort of cipher after the fact. Both have inadvertently, and strangely by their own design, upset the already shaky foundations of toxic hero worship in the era of hackers, hacktivism, and cyber-espionage. Stone's four-part documentary The Putin Interviews premiered over the past week on Showtime. Prior to its airing, the tone was set by a tense appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in which Stone repeatedly refused to say anything bad about Putin.

Oliver Stone to interview Vladimir Putin for four-hour Showtime documentary

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Teachers snag "Hamilton" tickets for history students Hollywood's art-lovers came out to fete Jeff Koons at the MOCA gala Hollywood's art-lovers came out to fete Jeff Koons at the MOCA gala Interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin, conducted by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, will air in a four-hour documentary that is set to air on Showtime on four consecutive nights beginning June 12. "The Putin Interviews" is culled from a series of a dozen interviews conducted by Stone with assistance from producer Fernando Sulichin. The most recent interview was recorded in February, after the U.S. election and President Trump's inauguration. The film will touch on allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election, the Kremlin's role in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the increasingly adversarial relationship between the United States and Russia, Showtime said in a news release. "If Vladimir Putin is indeed the great enemy of the United States, then at least we should try to understand him," Stone said in the announcement.

Stephen Colbert and Oliver Stone spar over Vladimir Putin

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Today in Entertainment: 'Bachelor in Paradise' host Chris Harrison urges patience during investigation; 2 Live Crew biopic in the works Stephen Colbert and Oliver Stone spar over Vladimir Putin PWR BTTM returns to streaming services after sexual-misconduct allegations Lionsgate developing 2 Live Crew biopic'Bachelor in Paradise' host Chris Harrison asks for patience during investigation Fate of'Bachelor in Paradise' is in limbo... ...after sexual misconduct allegations halt production Bill Cosby case heads to the jury Ivanka Trump surprised by'viciousness' surrounding Trump presidency'Bachelor in Paradise' host Chris Harrison asks for patience during investigation Ivanka Trump surprised by'viciousness' surrounding Trump presidency "Let's talk about Vladimir Putin." And thus began what ultimately became a sometimes tense conversation between Stephen Colbert and Oliver Stone on Monday's "The Late Show." The "JFK" and "Platoon" filmmaker was on to discuss his new Showtime series, "The Putin Interviews," which began airing Monday night. The four-episode series distills more than 20 hours of conversations that Stone had with the Russian president over the course of two years. Colbert noted that Stone has gotten some criticism for being too "cozy" with his subject.