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Is Apple set to unveil its first FOLDABLE smartphone?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Apple is working on a radical new iPhone with a foldable screen that doubles as a tablet. That's according to a report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which says that several Apple suppliers in Asia have confirmed they're working on a such a product. A foldable iPhone could even be coming as soon as 2020, the analysts said. Pictured is a prototype folding iPhone that was revealed in a patent filed by Apple last November. The patent describes a device that can be'opened and closed like a book' 'We expect the iPhones this fall to be largely unchanged for the organic LED versions although size changes have proved to be a catalyst in the past,' Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan wrote in a report on Friday.



If the tech for the iPhone X's facial recognition is still a bit too advanced for you to grasp, we've got bad news: Apple's already brainstorming The Next Big Thing. On Monday Fast Company reported that Apple received a patent for a foldable smartphone. The patent, which was filed for on Sept. 22, 2016, outlines an electronic device with "a flexible display" and the capacity to fold. SEE ALSO: It looks like Samsung's foldable phone won't be coming anytime soon Though the concept might sound pretty advanced, it's certainly not the first time it's been discussed. In September -- just hours before Apple's iPhone 8 launch event -- Samsung announced plans to drop a foldable smartphone in 2018.

Foldable iPhone? LG to Supply Apple, Google And Microsoft With Bendable Displays

International Business Times

LG's display department will begin mass-producing foldable displays for smartphones in 2018, and will supply them to Apple, Google and Microsoft, South Korean site ETNews reported Friday. It is predicted that LG's and Samsung's display divisions will compete against one another in order to "grab upper hands in markets for foldable displays," according to ETNews. Apple, Google and Microsoft were listed as first buyers of LG foldable displays. The company has previously developed prototypes for foldable smartphones. Apple seems to have an interest in foldable phones.

Apple Secures Folding iPhone With Wraparound Display In New Patent

International Business Times

Apple just filed a patent for a different kind of iPhone. This invention is seen as more advanced compared with its current flagships, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It also screams of an extreme redesign that's being rumored to be a game changer for the Cupertino giant's next iPhones. On Thursday, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application by Apple Inc., entitled "Electronic Devices with Display and Touch Sensor Structures." Based on the abstract of the patent, Apple found a way to incorporate display layers and touch sensor layers in an electronic device.

iPhone Rumors: Apple Exploring Foldable Smartphones With 'Flexible Display Devices' Patent

International Business Times

Foldable phones might make a comeback through Apple, a patent for a flexible phone granted on Tuesday shows. The patent, filed in July 2014, shows Apple has been looking into a hinged iPhone model, but hints that it might be other " electronic devices" as well. The patent for "flexible display devices" reveals a touchscreen phone with a flexible, metal-backed OLED display that can be folded in half and grip to a user's clothes. The Apple patent points out how screens could bend either towards each other or back-to-back. Additional hinges allow the device to be followed in different ways, even in thirds.