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Samsung finally lets customers disable the Bixby button

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Samsung is finally allowing users to disable the Bixby button on Galaxy 8 and Note 8 phones. Many users haven't felt the need for the dedicated button or have been annoyed by how often its placement caused them to accidentally launch the assistant - but until now Samsung wouldn't allow users to turn it off. The latest Bixby update, however, includes a new toggle that lets you choose to disable the launching of Bixby Home from the button. Samsung is finally allowing users to disable the Bixby button on Galaxy 8 and Note 8 phones. To do so, install the update, open the new toggle or Bixby setting, and select'don't open anything' To disable the button, install the update, open the new toggle or Bixby setting, and select'don't open anything.'



Update 9/18/17: Samsung will finally let users turn off the side button so it doesn't open Bixby Home when accidentally pressed. To do that, open the Galaxy Apps store, tap the overflow menu icon in the top right, then My Apps, and Update. If you see it, you're on the latest version and Bixby Voice is active To start using Bixby, swipe over to the Bixby Home screen and it should walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple. Additionally, there are a few general options in the Bixby Home Settings menu, including background color, feedback sounds, speaking style, and notifications.

Samsung Bixby App Opening? How To Disable Frustrating Galaxy Phone Window

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Samsung has put a lot of effort into launching its Bixby virtual assistant, but the company is finally making a concession to Samsung Galaxy users who've been frustrated with the program's hardware. The company's newest update will allow users to prevent the Galaxy S8's Bixby button from opening its Bixby Home app, according to Sammobile. The update is rolling out gradually to Samsung Galaxy S8 owners, but if you get it, here's what you'll need to do: The move is a notable step down on Samsung's part, as the company has been less than flexible about the virtual assistant in the past. The S8 features a dedicated physical Bixby button on the phone's side that previously opened up Samsung's Google Now-like Bixby Home app, which displayed weather, daily reminders and other situational notifications. Third-party developers had briefly figured out a way to reassign the button for other applications, but Samsung quickly closed that loophole.

Samsung adds option to disable Bixby button on Galaxy smartphones


Video: Samsung's Bixby voice assistant will reach beyond Galaxy S8 You may not be able to get rid of Bixby, but you can at least disable the Bixby button after a recent update to the Bixby app. Bixby voice is unlike any other personal assistant available today. It's unclear when Samsung enabled the new toggle, first spotted by Android news site Droid Life. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to adjust the volume one of the recent Samsung Galaxy devices, only to have Bixby Home open. Its awkward placement, combined with limited usefulness, only exacerbates the frustration.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have A Dedicated 'Bixby' Voice Assistant Button

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Samsung is set to unveil the heavily leaked Galaxy S8 in just a few days, but before that, it's cleared up a bit of a mystery about those leaks. We finally know what that extra hardware button is all about. Bixby is Samsung's replacement for the woefully under-equipped S Voice platform. Samsung knows it doesn't have the machine learning or wealth of data necessary to compete with Google Assistant, so Bixby won't even try. You won't go to Bixby for answers like an extension of search.