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Samsung Unboxes Visual Search & Machine Learning with Bixby


Samsung unveiled their new ultra sleek S8 & S8 smartphone earlier this week in New York, featuring tons of innovation that will soon be the critical building blocks for the coming wave of Mixed Reality. Many of the capabilities featured in the new Galaxy S8 & S8 will start to show up in Augmented Reality optics. When worn these glasses will turn our physical world into an endless source of digital information through the implementation of eye tracking, facial recognition, AI & AR. Having the Galaxy S8 & S8 tuned up with so many of these advanced features, marks the beginning of one of the largest and most exciting digital transformations of all time which will bridge our digital and physical worlds together seamlessly. The Galaxy S8 and S8 is by far one of the most advanced smartphones the world has ever seen.

Visual Search AI for Smart Product Discovery


It's a Friday night, the week's over, and you're curled up on the couch watching your favorite episode of "Haunted Golf Courses" when you notice that one of the characters is wearing a shirt you just really, really like. Without missing a beat or even pausing the show, you lift up your phone, snap a quick photo, and within seconds that same shirt's product page is on your phone. You see that the price is reasonable, and you really just want to grab it and return to watching your strange, niche TV show. You click "buy," select 2-day shipping, and return to watching the ghosts inhabiting the 4th hole at Boulder Creek. Shopping had been the last thing on your mind, and yet you just bought a product identified only by an image on another screen.

How Visual and Voice Search Are Revitalizing The Role of SEO - Search Engine Land


The component parts of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy may have remained relatively constant, but their definition and purpose have changed entirely. Driven by trends like visual search and voice search, the industry's scope has expanded and evolved into something more dynamic. This delivers on a genuine consumer need. According to a report from, 74 percent of shoppers report that text-only search is insufficient for finding the products they want. It is unsurprising that Gartner research predicts that by 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by as much as 30 percent.

Important digital skill-what are the basics of SEO(search engine optimization)?


With the growth of the internet, the world is becoming digital. Millions of websites are being created every day and digital content is being uploaded to them. Every site's purpose is to reach its potential audience at an earlier base. The search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique is used for this purpose. SEO is the method by which it brings organic traffic to your website.

25+ search engine optimization Phrases To Delete, Add, Or Rethink In The Web3 Period - Channel969


Today within the search engine optimization world, typically it's extra difficult than ever to inform what's scorching and what's not relating to search engine optimization terminology, phrases, and phrases. As manufacturers and entrepreneurs begin to embrace Web3, the subsequent technology of the web phrases come and go. To make sure you are on prime of it, we tapped the minds of the trade's main search engine optimization and digital advertising and marketing professionals to dissect the over-used, underrated, and up-and-coming search engine optimization phrases. Identical to types change with the season, search engine optimization modifications with the algorithms and the trendy instances. What may need been final season's must-have buzzword simply may be this 12 months's crimson flag ready for a Google penalty. Are we nonetheless speaking about carrying black hats and white hats?