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HPE Return-to-Work Solutions: Guarding Workers' Health with the Power of the Intelligent Workplace


HPE offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions – including fever detection, and augmented reality and visual remote guidance – that enable companies to safely reopen and resume operations while rigorously protecting employees' health. Like many business leaders around the world, you may be ready to consider bringing at least some workers back on-premises – but only if you're sure you can protect their health in today's still-challenging environment. If that's the case, you'll definitely want to investigate HPE's new portfolio of return-to-work services, which we announced in June. There are five of them – predefined package solutions that enable you to move quickly to accelerate your recovery. And time is certainly of the essence as businesses push to emerge from COVID-19's impacts.

Protect your on-site employees' health with HPE's Workplace Alerts and Information Sharing solution


This return-to-work solution leverages the power of the intelligent workplace to help your business resume or step up operations while rigorously guarding the safety of your on-premises workforce. The modern digital workplace is much more than an office. The pandemic has forced many companies to quickly add or expand remote capabilities. Moving forward, many businesses are looking to build a truly integrated, hybrid workplace that spans both physical and remote environments. On the physical side of the picture, the need for digital solutions is becoming more and more pressing as companies consider stepping up operations at locations that have been minimally staffed during the pandemic.

Building Talent in the Hybrid Workplace


The future of the workplace is hybrid. Learn how accelerating your workforce's technical and personal skills provides a rock-solid foundation for success through evolutions in the way people work. Also discover different options for training to fit your learning style, schedule, and lifestyle. What is the hybrid workplace? Many people have traditionally worked in a cubicle…in an office building…that they commuted to from their homes.

Reimagining how we work: The rise of the hybrid workplace


The modern work environment is defined by its ability to engage, empower and embolden individuals enabled by ubiquitous connectivity and near-limitless compute powers. The remote work surge is just the start. The way we work has changed so quickly over the past year or so that it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of the evolution the workplace – where we've come from, and what we're moving towards. It's true, of course, that COVID-19 has accelerated many changes. Remote work environments have now become the norm for many organizations, and their ability to support employee productivity is no longer in doubt.

Reconfiguring the workplace for a safe return to work: New solutions from HPE


Companies' workplace strategies are entering a new phase as they continue to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. HPE return-to-work solutions can help by providing strong protection for onsite employees' health, enabling your company to accelerate its return to growth. We still have a long way to go in battling through the pandemic, but companies' initial responses have been impressive. The focus has been on protecting employees by maximizing the use of remote work capabilities, remote IT management, video conferencing, VDI – in short, any technology that could keep people safe at home while helping them to stay productive and keep the business functional. As businesses are entering the next phase of their pandemic response, in many countries and localities, shelter in place rules are starting to ease.