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Advances in 3D imaging have allowed vision users to overcome some challenging inspection tasks. In the machine vision marketplace, 3D imaging continues to mature, tackling applications 2D imaging cannot. "In a manufacturing setting, the fusion of 2D with 3D is necessary to measure how well components go together into an assembly and assess the product for final fit, finish, and packaging," says Terry Arden, CEO of LMI Technologies. According to David Dechow, Principal Vision Systems Architect at Integro Technologies, a systems integrator specializing in machine vision technologies with broad experience in helping companies implement 3D and 2D imaging for industrial automation, accuracy has improved as well. And with inspection tasks in 3D space, which may include measurement or reconstruction, precision is even more essential than with most tasks in robotic guidance or bin picking.

Israeli machine-learning radiology firm Zebra Medical Vision raises 12m – MassDevice


Israeli machine-learning radiology firm Zebra Medical Vision said today it raised 12 million to support the development of imaging algorithms being designed for automatic reading and diagnosis of medical imaging data. The round was led by InterMountain Healthcare, and joined by existing investors, Zebra Medical Vision said. As part of its investment, InterMountain Healthcare plans to work with Zebra to accelerate its development. "We are privileged that 1 of the top healthcare systems in the U.S. has placed such confidence in our team and our platform. In an environment where computing power and machine learning frameworks are becoming a commodity, the ability to quickly and efficiently curate large quantities of data from a world class integrated healthcare provider can make the difference between simplistic tools and insights that can truly add clinical value and positively impact patient care," CEO Elad Benjamin said in a prepared statement.

Altek License CEVA Imaging and Vision DSP for Deep Learning in Mobile Devices


"At Altek, we are constantly striving to enhance our digital image solutions and set the direction for the future of smarter imaging devices," said Jason Lin, General Manager and Corporate Senior Vice President of Altek. "CEVA's imaging and vision DSP provides the platform which allows us to further enhance the image quality of our solutions and push the boundaries of what a camera can do using artificial intelligence and advanced vision algorithms." "Altek is a proven leader in imaging, with a strong track record in the smartphone space and we are excited to work with them," said, Ilan Yona, vice president and general manager of CEVA's Vision Business Unit. "The combination of Altek's advanced imaging technologies along with our DSP-based vision and machine learning offering creates one of the most intelligent digital imaging solutions on the market today." CEVA's latest generation imaging and vision DSP platforms address the extreme processing requirements and low power constraints of the most sophisticated machine learning and machine vision applications used in smartphones, surveillance, augmented reality, sense and avoid drones and self-driving cars.

Zebra Medical Vision Announces Collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare To Bring Machine Learning to Radiology


The collaboration will accelerate the creation of Zebra's imaging analytics engine and create neural networks that will use Zebra's vast imaging dataset to assist radiologists with automated diagnostic algorithms. Kibbutz Shefayim Israel, May 24, 2016 - Zebra Medical Vision is announcing a new collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare, one of the top performing integrated care providers in the U.S. Intermountain plans to work with Zebra to accelerate the creation of meaningful imaging algorithms to improve patient care. Zebra is also announcing today an additional financing round of 12 million led by Intermountain Healthcare, with the participation of existing investors. Zebra Medical Vision was founded in 2014 with the vision of teaching computers to automatically read and diagnose medical imaging data. The company's analytics engine helps physicians and healthcare providers analyze millions of imaging records, in an effort to close the diagnostic gap created by a billion people worldwide joining the middle class in the coming decade, who will require diagnostic services.

Having the vision for AI and deep learning


Advances in deep learning/AI is resulting in these technologies being increasingly utilised within machine vision solutions. Control Engineering Europe sought advice about how end users can ensure that they are able to implement successful AI-based machine vision applications.