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Machine Learning Comes to Nephrology


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Can Machine Intelligence Disrupt The Professions?


The Professions, long a cornerstone of advanced economies, are creaking as never before. And yet, despite the enormous workloads and spending, society remains massively under-served. Billions of global citizens can only dream of having affordable access to modern medical care, a fulfilling education, or sound legal, financial and other advice. Information technology clearly has the potential to break through these bottlenecks. Digital services that serve billions of customers could shake-up the mostly face-to-face business models that characterize the professions today.

Researchers say artificial intelligence and machine learning could enhance scientific peer review


As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, researchers have published hundreds of papers each week reporting their findings--many of which have not undergone a thorough peer review process to gauge their reliability. In some cases, poorly validated research has massively influenced public policy, as when a French team reported COVID patients were cured by a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The claim was widely publicized, and soon U.S. patients were prescribed these drugs under an emergency use authorization. Further research involving larger numbers of patients has cast serious doubts on these claims, however. With so much COVID-related information being released each week, how can researchers, clinicians and policymakers keep up?

Data Intelligence in Hospital Information System - Qualetics Data Machines


Qualetics is our on-demand Data Intelligence as a Service (DiaaS) Platform that can help EHR software vendors quickly embed advanced Data Analysis methodologies into their product in a much more simpler manner than traditional methods. Solutions in the market put the onus of achieving success with implementing AI & ML solutions on the Software Developers without realizing the cost overhead it introduces. Our platform and advanced APIs allow for easy integration of insights and data-based Intelligence into your Products & Systems to better serve you and your customer needs without breaking the bank.