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Waymo announces construction of trucking hub in Dallas and Ryder partnership

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Waymo Via, Waymo's autonomous truck unit, announced on Wednesday the construction of a hub for its fleet of autonomous trucks in Dallas, and a partnership with trucking company Ryder. The double announcement came as Waymo prepares to grow its delivery operations across Texas, California and Arizona. After raising $2.5 billion from outside investors in June, the Alphabet-owned company said today that its new primary operations center will be in a nine-acre site in South Dallas, and the company will move into it in the first half of 2022. Th self-driving truck company has started testing on the fifth generation of its Driver on the Class 8 trucks fleet as it continues freight hauling for JB Hunt. The hub will accommodate hundreds of trucks and personnel.

Waymo Tests Autonomous Trucks in Texas


Waymo launched testing of autonomous trucks in Texas and announced plans to make Dallas the center of its heavy-duty vehicle technology efforts. Alphabet Inc.'s autonomous vehicle unit said in an Aug. 26 news release that it has begun testing Peterbilt trucks equipped with self-driving technology along Interstate 10, I-20 and I-45 in Texas. The company already has a passenger vehicle operations center in Phoenix that will be linked into its commercial vehicle testing network. It is focusing on trucking lanes that include Phoenix to Dallas, Dallas to Houston and Dallas to El Paso, Waymo told Transport Topics in a statement. Our #WaymoVia Class 8 trucks are arriving in Dallas this week. More than 1.2 billion tons of freight are moved on Texas highways, so we're excited to bring the #WaymoDriver there to continue our testing efforts across the Lone Star State.

Uber's self-driving big rig trucks start moving freight in Arizona

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Uber's autonomous trucks are finally hitting the road. The ride-hailing startup said on Tuesday that its self-driving big rigs have been ferrying cargo on highways in Arizona over the past few months. For each trip, human drivers work in tandem with the autonomous trucks. Humans pick up cargo from Uber Freight customers and drive it in trailers to transfer hubs. For each trip, human drivers work in tandem with the autonomous trucks.

Self-driving big-rig trucks coming soon? Waymo set to begin mapping interstates in Texas, New Mexico

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The Lone Star State may become a little lonelier -- at least when it comes to big-rig trucking. Waymo, the self-driving vehicle division of Google parent Alphabet, is about to start mapping in Texas and New Mexico as a prelude to testing its self-driving big-rig trucks. The mapping minivans, to be followed by the large trucks, will run primarily along Interstates 10, 20 and 45 and through metropolitan areas like El Paso, Dallas and Houston, the company said. Waymo previously mapped and tested its big rigs in Arizona, California and Georgia. The latest move will add to that footprint as the company moves toward its vision of big rigs rolling down interstates with no one at the wheel, their sensors and computers making them safer than if they have a human in control.

Uber trucks start shuttling goods across Arizona — by themselves

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Uber could soon eliminate the need for a smartphone as the only gateway into its service, with a whole new partnership. Uber has been using its self-driving trucks to transport goods in Arizona. SAN FRANCISCO -- Uber announced Tuesday that it has been sending self-driving trucks on delivery runs across Arizona since November, the first step in what could be a freight transportation revolution that could leave long-haul truckers in the cold. After testing its technology earlier in 2017, Uber began contracting with trucking companies to use its own autonomous Volvo big rigs to take over loads as they traverse the state. Uber did not disclose what items it is transporting for which companies.