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Homeless Students Hit Hard by Shuttered Schools

U.S. News

Distance learning is now required for students across Minnesota for the rest of the school year. Gov. Tim Walz announced last week that schools will stay closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. This week marks one month since educators began distance learning. School leaders and state officials acknowledge that the burden is falling heavily on students who were already on the margins.

Pokémon Go Might Be Used As A Common Core Learning Tool In Classrooms

International Business Times

Pokémon Go is a very popular game with kids and now it could become a learning tool. The game, which incentivizes players to get up and about by letting them capture and battle virtual pocket monsters, might be used as a classroom learning tool, in accordance with common core learning standards, as per Emily Howell, an assistant professor at the Iowa State University School of Education. "It is important to give students authentic choices that really have meaning in their lives. We need to encourage them to develop questions, research the answers and then share that information in writing," Howell said in the press release. Howell is working with school teachers on the use of Pokémon Go as a digital tool to help students learn.

Bill Aims to Improve Education for Students Learning English

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Under the bill approved Wednesday, schools can maintain existing English immersion programs or choose an alternative -- giving parents the flexibility to choose programs that best meet their child's needs.

Nearly 2,000 Boston students awaiting special education assessments due to backlog

Boston Herald

Nearly 2,000 Boston students are awaiting special education assessments -- with some missing out on services completely -- due to a backlog caused by the pandemic, and one local parent has been trying to get help for her son since February. "We've gone eight months now without any services and that concerns me because I was happy to get a diagnosis early, but what does it matter if we are not getting anything done about it?" said Amanda Chen, a Boston resident and mother of a 3-year-old special needs son. Chen is one of 1,792 Boston families waiting on a special education assessment since the start of the school year, according to a Boston Public Schools spokesman. The assessments, which are necessary to get special education services, came to a halt due to the pandemic on March 17 and restarted in late September. "I want him to be considered a student in need, he really needs in-person learning," said Chen, who requested an assessment on Feb. 12.

Using Machine Learning to Modify Student Behavior - The Tech Edvocate


Lately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the largest studied fields. There are many applications for it, but education may be one of the most promising. It's no secret that students change. The students today are much different than the students of ten or twenty years ago, but education has stayed relatively the same. There have been a few updates in the curriculum to include the uses of computers and the internet, but besides that, not much has changed.