Holocaust Museum, Auschwitz want Pokémon Go hunts out

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Pokemon Go, a Global Positioning System (GPS) based augmented reality mobile game, is proving to be'enormously' popular since software development company Niantic opened access to it on 06 July in the US. SAN FRANCISCO -- Officials at the Holocaust Museum and Poland's Auschwitz Memorial are calling on Pokémon Go maker Niantic to take their sites off the locations where players can hunt cartoon creatures in the popular augmented reality app, saying it dishonors Holocaust victims. Many players reported seeing the digital Pokémon creatures within the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The site is also being used as a "PokeStop" for players to get in-game items. Players in the mobile phone game Pokémon Go must capture digital Pokémon characters, which appear hovering over the player's real-world surroundings.

With two minutes and a selfie, anyone could be singing in Chinese in VR

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Sedonah, 5, speaks Chinese fluently but her father doesn't know a lick of it. So when Sedonah saw a video of him singing a Chinese song, she lit up with amazement. Nikhil Jain didn't spend any time practicing to impress his daughter. But he did spend two years training a computer to sing in his likeness. A technologist's daughter isn't the ideal unbiased tester, but Sedonah's response to the singing routine is what's making her father bullish about the software he's developing.

Palmer Luckey, whose Oculus seeded Facebook's virtual reality efforts, is out

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Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift VR, a virtual reality headset that was the hit of CES 2014. SAN FRANCISCO -- Palmer Luckey, the controversial co-founder of virtual-reality gear maker Oculus, is leaving parent Facebook. Luckey's role at Facebook has been in question since he was outed in September for secretly funding an Internet trolling group that supported Donald Trump and created anti-Hillary Clinton memes. Luckey said at the time he was "deeply sorry" his actions "are negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and its partners." His leadership developing the product was also questioned by observers such as veteran tech blogger Robert Scoble, who suggested rival headset HTC Vive was further advanced.

Facebook-owned Oculus kicks off third developer conference

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Oculus founder Palmer Luckey acknowledged giving 10,000 to Nimble America but denied he was the founder of the pro-Donald Trump group which created anti-Hillary Clinton Internet memes. A visitor plays with Oculus VR glasses at Gamescom. SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook-owned Oculus is gathering its virtual reality game developers for the company's third-annual Connect conference, Wednesday through Friday at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The focal point is expected to be Oculus Touch, two hand-held controllers -- price and release date to come -- that promise to greatly enhance the interactive elements of the company's Oculus Rift goggles ( 600, but closer to 2,000 with the necessary high-powered computer to which it is tethered). At present, Oculus' main competition is the 800 HTC Vive, but next week marks the release of another challenger, Sony's 399 Playstation VR, which works in conjunction with its eponymous gaming console.