The Western World's Largest Coal Company Declares Bankruptcy

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Nearly 200 countries committed last December in Paris to cut emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Burning coal for electricity emits twice the carbon dioxide of natural gas, and the resulting pollutants have been linked to thousands of premature deaths and asthma attacks annually in the United States alone. Plus, coal is now facing stiffer competition than ever from natural gas, wind, and solar.

What China Reveals about the Future of Innovation


When many Western consumer companies develop a new product, they set out on a long, slow process with an uncertain outcome. That's because innovation typically starts internally, with ideas that flow from the business to the consumer (B2C). A full rollout could take several months, and during that period, executives are haunted by a single question: "I wonder if this thing will sell?" All too often, it won't, because by the time the product is finally available, the market has already moved on. In the current business environment, this model for innovation no longer works, and China is at the forefront with a new approach: using customer insights, largely generated through digital interactions, to inform product development.

Edmonton.AI - Ecosystem for AI/ML in Western Canada


Edmonton.AI is a community-driven group building a business ecosystem for artificial intelligence and machine learning-based products and services. In 2017, Edmonton entrepreneurs Bruce Alton, Aaryn Flynn and Cory Janssen recognized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and were proud of the incredible achievements made by Edmonton's AI researchers, educational institutions, and technology community. Edmonton.AI was formed and was given the goal of creating 100 AI and ML companies and projects in Edmonton. This would be the foundation of a vibrant and growing ecosystem of companies, developers, and organizations.

'Change Through Trade Has Failed': China Pressures Foreign Companies to Fall In Line on Protests

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Fine wood, black display cases and shiny metal edges: The discount German grocery chain Aldi Süd wanted to make its first two new locations in China count. Inside the chic new stores, which opened in June, shoppers can find something called "Berliner Bao," a supposedly tasty combination of sausage, sauerkraut and steamed Chinese dumplings, but also wine from Bordeaux and milk from Australia. Aldi hopes to cash in on the prosperity of China's growing middle class. German products are in high demand in China. Germany is among the 10 largest exporters of food and beverages to the country.

Storage-Tech Company Western Digital Boosts Outlook WSJD - Technology

Western Digital Corp. WDC 1.23 % raised its earnings and revenue expectations for the September quarter on better-than-expected product mix following its acquisition of SanDisk. Shares of the company rose 5.5% to 50.15 in premarket trading. The Irvine, Calif., company has been moving into flash-storage technology as disk-drive sales dwindle. The company has begun to fold in the SanDisk business, which has brought more customers and a broader portfolio of hard- drive and flash-storage products. The SanDisk deal closed in May.