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AI has bested chess and Go, but it struggles to find a diamond in Minecraft


Whether we're learning to cook an omelet or drive a car, the path to mastering new skills often begins by watching others. But can artificial intelligence learn the same way? A new challenge teaching AI agents to play Minecraft suggests it's much trickier for computers. Announced earlier this year, the MineRL competition asked teams of researchers to create AI bots that could successfully mine a diamond in Minecraft. This isn't an impossible task, but it does require a mastery of the game's basics.

Mind your pickaxe: What to do when you encounter fossils and artifacts in the wild

Popular Science

'Tis the season for making merry, which means you're probably wondering: if I happen to visit some particularly ancient artifacts or fossils whilst on holiday, whatever is the proper protocol for interacting with them?

Donald Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed With Sledgehammer and Pickaxe

U.S. News

Deadline identifies the star-smasher as Jamie Otis, who told the publication that he originally intended to remove Trump's star from the Walk to auction off in NYC for the purpose of raising funds for the women – 11 so far – who have accused Trump of sexual assault.

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed with pickaxe

FOX News

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed with a pickaxe on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Donald Trump's star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame has been smashed to bits. On Wednesday morning, news broke that Trump's star on the famous Hollywood walkway was severly destroyed. The Daily Beast reported that the star had been smashed with a pickaxe overnight. President Trumps star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was just destroyed.

AI Takes on Popular Minecraft Game in Machine-Learning Contest


To see the divide between the best artificial intelligence and the mental capabilities of a seven-year-old child, look no further than the popular video game Minecraft. A young human can learn how to find a rare diamond in the game after watching a 10-minute demonstration on YouTube. Artificial intelligence (AI) is nowhere close. But in a unique computing competition ending this month, researchers hope to shrink the gap between machine and child--and in doing so, help to reduce the computing power needed to train AIs. Competitors may take up to four days and use no more than eight million steps to train their AIs to find a diamond.