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8 Upcoming Webinars On Artificial Intelligence To Look Forward To


With the continuation of COVID disruption, businesses are still relying on webinars to carry out their marketing strategies. Although the concept of webinars has always been there, the pandemic has provided great importance to it while engaging audiences in the comforts of their home. Not only these webinars are a shorter form of conferences, saving an ample amount of time, but also turns out to be extremely convenient for attendees to get their hands-on industry insights, latest tools and technologies. Further to this, webinars have also proven to be a great learning resource for many enthusiasts as well as professionals. Alongside, with artificial intelligence gaining its massive momentum amid COVID, the number of webinars on AI is also rapidly increasing. About: Organised by Analytics India Magazine, in association with ISIMA, this webinar will cover the three generations of data architecture and what lies ahead.

Top 7 Upcoming Deep Learning Conferences To Watch Out For


In recent years deep learning has proved to be a critical aspect of machine learning with exciting applications to solve real-world problems across different sectors. Starting from creating virtual assistants, visual recognition and language translation to fraud detection, document processing, as well as self-driving cars, deep learning has proved to be immensely beneficial. As a matter of fact, in many areas, deep learning has also outsmarted traditional machine learning. With the field becoming popular among businesses, many conferences have emerged that delve deeper into the field of deep learning for people to understand it better. Not only these events will provide a deeper understanding of the advancement of deep learning space but will also offer a chance for deep learning practitioners to network with experts and researchers from the field.

Why Deep Learning DevCon Comes At The Right Time


The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) recently announced Deep Learning DEVCON or DLDC 2020, a two-day virtual conference that aims to bring machine learning and deep learning practitioners and experts from the industry on a single platform to share and discuss recent developments in the field. Scheduled for 29th and 30th October, the conference comes at a time when deep learning, a subset of machine learning, has become one of the most advancing technologies in the world. From being used in the fields of natural language processing to making self-driving cars, it has come a long way. As a matter of fact, reports suggest that by 2024, the deep learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25%. Thus, it can easily be established that the advancements in the field of deep learning have just initiated and got a long road ahead.

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The event featured a panel of three expert speakers who discussed the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in addressing real-world business challenges – followed by a live Q&A with attendees. By Design' – a partnership between TORI Global and Accion Labs that has transformed and refreshed TORI's Digital offerings. The event's insight, complemented by additional Q&A material and the latest edition of TORI's Perspectives Magazine, was hosted in a powerful and easy-to-use branded player. This was then sent through to a global audience after the event – enabling TORI to stretch the experience, and continuing the conversation well beyond the live webinar itself. Click here to learn more about ditto's solutions for webinars and other events – both digital and physical.