Collaborating Authors

Machine Learning using Galaxy a webinar / workshop series


This workshop intends to facilitate the training and discourse amongst researchers interested in machine learning using Galaxy. It will be a one-week event, including webinar sessions in which we will introduce machine learning backgrounds and train researchers to use Galaxy for machine learning analysis. Every webinar session will be followed by a self-training day, in which experts will answer questions in a support channel and support on a peer-to-peer basis. The workshops will make use of the European Galaxy server and the Galaxy Training Material. Both will stay accessible and open after the training.

Appen Webinars How to Get High-Quality Training Data for Machine Learning


To build an effective product that relies on machine learning, you need a large volume of high-quality training data. For the solution to correctly understand and mimic humans, it's crucial to have a strategy around collecting and annotating training data that optimizes for quality. Join us to learn about the data you need to build solutions like natural language processing, chatbots, and sentiment analysis, with live Q&A to follow.

Level-up your analytics with text mining, Apr 27 Webinar


MeaningCloud, leader in SaaS semantic analytics, has new RapidMiner extension that offers very powerful and flexible text analytics and the ability to extract the meaning of any unstructured text.

Webinar: AI Driven Contact Center Transformation


Resiliency and scalability of contact centers are the key factors to Business Continuity Planning. Contact centers built on legacy systems are expensive to maintain and do not scale well to handle increasing customer anxiety. Contact center operations face dips in agent productivity due to legacy technology and skill gaps.