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There's reportedly a secret Tinder for rich, beautiful people

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Did you know there's reportedly a version of dating app Tinder none of us can use? TechCrunch reports the app targets "elite users" of Tinder, including CEOs, models, or others who are really rich and/or attractive. So how does one get in to Tinder Select? It's invite only, but users approved for Select can also nominate other users to join the club. The report says users can toggle between Tinder and Tinder Select, depending on the situation.

Tinder testing out a new video feature that aims to match users via a live-streamed game of trivia

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Tinder is going all-in on a slew of new video features. According to The Verge, Tinder has confirmed that it is testing out a new video feature that will pit users against one another in a game of live-streamed trivia. While the details of how the game will work are sparse, screenshots obtained by The Verge suggest that the trivia game will be live and may even include a chat feature in which a'live audience' can watch along. Tinder is testing out in-app trivia (pictured) that will pit users against one another. The company also made sure to note that the test does not guarantee that the feature will ever be released on a wider scale.

Secret Tinder for models?

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Happen to be rich, famous, or really good looking and can't seem to find anyone on your level to date? Tinder might be able to help you out. The dating app is reportedly catering to the rich and famous with a new version of the service dubbed Select. According to TechCrunch, the members-only version is meant for "elite users" such as CEOs, models, celebrities, and other "hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types." An anonymous source told the news outlet it's basically "for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder."

Is It Possible to Go on Tinder and Not Get Catfished by a Celebrity or Journalist?


Anyone who's seen the seminal film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (everyone) knows that it's cruel to play with people's hearts this way. Whether you're conducting research for your fictional job at a fake version of a glossy women's magazine, making a video for a real glossy magazine's website, or writing a piece for Vice, other people are investing real feelings, and someone could get hurt. On the one hand, I love watching Mullally pull the puppet strings of someone else's Tinder, but on the other other hand, she is robbing people of the chance to find true love. Perhaps we need a new Tinder where people can live out their fantasies of either taking over someone else's account or having theirs taken over themselves? Otherwise, one day soon, a celebrity is going to do one of these Tinder Takeovers and run into a fellow celebrity who is also doing a Tinder Takeover on the other end.