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Car with gas cans found at French factory

FOX News

Police discovered a suspicious vehicle filled with gas canisters in a parking lot near two factories in eastern France on Friday, government officials said. The vehicle was parked near two factories in Chasse-sur-Rhone, according to a government press release. People reported seeing a leak. Fourteen gas cans were found inside, a police source told BMFTV. Officials evacuated about 200 employees in the factories and urged residents to avoid the area.

What Is a Smart Factory?


Our phones, cars and water have all gotten smart, so it was only a matter of time before industry did, too. You've probably heard the term smart factory, or maybe you've heard about the industrial internet of things (IIoT). It's simple to deduce that these next-generation factories introduce new technologies to do things even better. So, how exactly do they do it? A combination of interconnectivity and tools known as a cyber-physical system (CPS) is what makes a smart factory "smart".

Cuba opens its first computer factory


Cuba is slowly opening up to technology, but it hasn't actually been making technology. Its exports are dominated by natural products like nickel, sugar and tobacco. The nation is about to diversify, however: it just inaugurated its first computer factory, which officials claim will "promote technology and digital literacy." It's a modest plant, to put it mildly. The factory is only capable of producing 120,000 devices per year, and Chinese electronics giant Haier is shouldering a lot of the responsibility by supplying equipment, tech and training.

After Mounting Criticism, Tesla Will Shut Down California Factory

NYT > Economy

Tesla, the luxury electric carmaker, said on Thursday that it would shut down production at its San Francisco Bay Area factory, which has remained open for several days in apparent defiance of a local county order. The carmaker had caused uproar by continuing production even after Alameda County officials issued a shelter-at-home order that applied to businesses and individuals. Tesla did not qualify as an "essential business," which would have exempted it from the order. As recently as Wednesday, the company was telling employees they could stay home if they were worried about the coronavirus outbreak but would have to use their time off if they wanted to be paid. "In the past few days, we have met with local, state and federal officials," Tesla said in a statement on Thursday.

What is a Smart Factory or Smart Factory 4.0?


Simulated Smart Factory is a unique concept that will be at the core of the International trade fair, 'World Of Manufacturing 2020'. Factory & Industrial Automation product & solutions will function alongside each other to create a live simulated manufacturing line within the exhibition hall. The Simulated Smart Factory will help visitors experience the functional benefits of your solutions & make informed buying decisions. This zone will be an exclusive area for partners whose products are displayed within the international trade fair. Buyers & visitors will be able to avail the opportunity to interact with experts from each partner product in a controlled & systematic environment.