Averbury stone circle is concealing hidden strucutre

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A'striking and apparently unique' square monument built nearly 3,000 years ago has been found hidden underneath Avebury, the Neolthic stone circle just miles from Stonehenge. The series of elaborate stones, thought to have been hidden and buried hundreds of years ago, were unearthed by scientists using radar technology. Archaeologists said the newly unearthed stones were arranged in a square shape surrounding a Neolithic house, which predates the rest of the site by at least 500 years. They added that the uncovered ancient home, which was built sometime in the 3rd millennium BC, may have been the first building in a vast Neolithic settlement in south west England. A mysterious square-shaped monument made from a series of standing stones was unearthed beneath Avebury.

Hypergraph Representation of Diagrams in Diagram Editors

AAAI Conferences

When working with diagrams in visual environments like graphical diagram editors, diagrams have to be represented by an internal model. Graphs and hypergraphs are well-known concepts for such internal models. This paper shows how hypergraphs can be uniformly used for a wide range of different diagram types where hyperedges are used to represent diagram components as well as spatial relations between components. Using such an internal model requires a method for translating diagrams into their hypergraph model. Such a graphical scanning method is proposed in this paper. The scanner makes use of a specification of the diagram language. Since the scanner also considers how diagram components are embedded into their context, it is applicable to a wide range of diagram languages and their hypergraph models.

Instagram's 'Close Friends' feature lets you keep Stories private


Instagram is introducing a bit more privacy to its social network with a new feature called Close Friends. It lets you share Stories that might be of a more private nature with just a select group of besties, while shutting out the rest of your followers. "With Close Friends, you'll have the flexibility to share your personal moments with exactly who you want -- whether that's inside jokes with your team or showing off your new relationship to your inner circle," the company said. To use the new feature, you first have to designate who you want in your Close Friends list. You have complete control over that list, since no one can request to be added.

It's the golden age of female fashion photographers

Los Angeles Times

It would be a mistake to label these photographers by their gender. Despite their shared chromosome, their aesthetic wonderfully varies. Like so many other fields, it's taken women longer to claim their stake in the fashion photography industry. But the equalizer effect of social media and third-wave feminism are causing women not only to be accepted in the field -- they're also leading it. If it weren't for early pioneers like Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Lee Miller and later, Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman there wouldn't be much of a conversation.

The Latest: Lavrov denounces Trump dossier as 'provocation'

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The dossier claimed that Russia has evidence that Trump engaged in sexual activities while on a trip to Moscow and alleged that members of his inner circle met secretly with Russian officials and that Russia conducted hacking and disinformation campaigns to affect the U.S. election. Trump has rejected the allegations as "fake news" and "phony stuff."