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A 5-Step Guide for Conducting Market Research for Startups Growth Hackers


What if I say that doing market research for startup or more precisely, market analysis is the backbone of any business? All startup owners must invest a good amount of time and effort in this sole activity. Being a startup owner, you must understand what actually market research for startups is all about. In simple terms, it is the process of gathering qualitative and quantitative data to assess the overall situation and structure of the market, which in turn helps you gauge the possibilities of ensuring long-term strategic gains for your startup. Once the data is with you, you can use mathematical and statistical tools to analyze and interpret it.

Future of scientific research with artificial intelligence


Wouldn't it be neat to have a brain that could read and understand all that information? There's this startup, Iris AI, that works to fix this problem by building an artificial one. This Singularity University backed team that wants to build an AI capable of highlighting new trends and interconnections of discoveries. This could help researchers in startups, corporations and research institutes to implement what is already out there. I first came across them via TED where they had processed my 2011 (gosh a lot has happened since) TED talk into their awesome system.

Samsung to Invest 1.2 Billion in 'Internet of Things' Startups and Research in U.S. WSJD - Technology

WASHINGTON--Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday that it will invest 1.2 billion in the U.S. over four years to boost technologies aimed at adding computing power to everyday devices, a movement dubbed the "internet of things." The South Korean electronics giant said the funds would be split evenly between internal research and development and investments in other startups. Executives said the funding announcement marked a...

Java Developer Machine Learning, Research, Algorithms (31425294) -


We are seeking a Java Developer / Java Engineer (Research, Machine Learning, Java) for our recently formed Oxford startup (three months old). Utilizing the top academic group for Machine Learning at Oxford University, we are creating the next generation of Applied Machine Learning tools and Artificial Intelligence technology. We are looking for an enthusiastic Java Developer / Java Engineer to join our team at this crucial beginning stage in our business. As a Java Developer / Java Engineer, you will be joining us in our brand new office amongst some of the brightest minds in the UK as you create technology that will shape the technology market worldwide for years to come. Working directly with researchers, as a Java Developer / Java Engineer you will be translating their ideas into award winning systems within Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that will revolutionise the computer science industry.