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Just How Smart Are Smart Machines?


If popular culture is an accurate gauge of what's on the public's mind, it seems everyone has suddenly awakened to the threat of smart machines. Several recent films have featured robots with scary abilities to outthink and manipulate humans. In the economics literature, too, there has been a surge of concern about the potential for soaring unemployment as software becomes increasingly capable of decision making. Yet managers we talk to don't expect to see machines displacing knowledge workers anytime soon -- they expect computing technology to augment rather than replace the work of humans. In the face of a sprawling and fast-evolving set of opportunities, their challenge is figuring out what forms the augmentation should take.

How Machine Learning and AI is improving our life


We all might have come across this question. Machines are invented by humans. So how can a student know more than their teacher? Though the answer to the above question is'NEVER' as human intelligence designs artificial intelligence, but the fact that this question arises signifies the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machines can educate themselves, learn from their mistakes and take decisions i.e. behave like a human but in a faster and more accurate way.

Artificial Intelligence: Terms Marketers Need to Know


Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make its way into the world, influencing popular culture (think Steven Spielberg's "A.I.", or Disney's "Big Hero 6") and becoming a disruptor is a variety of industries. From customer service chatbots to extremely sophisticated autopilot driving machines, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly making an impact on everything around us. And marketers have the opportunity to make AI work for them. To understand how AI impacts our marketing world, we need to know the language of AI and have a basic understanding of how it works. An algorithm is a formula representing the relationship between certain variables.

Machine Learning Explained - What it is & How does it Works


"Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed" defines Expert System. In the last decade, machine learning has offered us many things such as better knowledge of the human genes, a more effective web search, driverless cars and much more. Clearly, Machine Learning is so pervasive today that we probably use it numerous times every day without knowing it. Researchers think that Machine learning is our best bet in making progress towards a human-level Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning, in simple words is about using data you have to make predictions.

Man and machine: the future of service - Information Age


While Machine learning has been on the technology agenda now for as long as twenty years, it is only in more recent times that its potential benefits in field service management terms have been more widely understood. Machine learning is an offset of artificial intelligence (AI), whereby AI can learn to do a task without needing to be programmed by a human--the AI learns to do the task itself. There has been growing interest in AI in recent years, with technology leaders, including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, utilising machine learning to enhance existing technology. The excitement for machine learning in service organisations has increased profusely, even though its powerful benefits are not completely understood by the masses yet. See also: Will man and machine join forces to defeat the threat of human error?