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Virginia school named for Confederate general to be renamed

FOX News

Media outlets report that after a one-hour debate Monday the Roanoke School Board voted 6-1 to rename Stonewall Jackson Middle School. The school will be renamed John P. Fishwick Middle School. Fishwick was the son of immigrants who was in Roanoke and served as the Norfolk & Western Railway president from 1970 to 1981. Superintendent Rita Bishop says renaming the school could cost at least $170,000. The school's basketball court, athletic and band uniforms, and signage will be replaced.

239 Vermont Schools to Get Grants to Improve School Safety

U.S. News

Scott says the state will continue to work to enhance the safety of the state's schools, including leveraging $1 million from the Homeland Security Grant Program to support planning and training and working with the Legislature to fund additional improvements.

Vermont Law School Student to Be Expelled

U.S. News

The Valley News reports that Sissy Bradford disseminated copies of a letter she received in which the school says she violated several student handbook policies by causing "emotional harm to others," burdening the school's financial and human resources, and interfering with the school's educational mission.

School discipline: How strict is too strict?

BBC News

"Everyone will sit up extra straight, eyes front, looking at the teacher. You will follow their instructions first time, every time." Parents may well agree that this excerpt from Great Yarmouth Charter Academy's school rules is no bad thing. The rules also require pupils to read with a ruler and to wait for teacher's instructions before picking up a pen or anything else. When they are not reading or writing they must sit up straight with their arms folded and they must "track the teacher" around the room.