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Secret to cruising for cheap

FOX News

Norwegian Cruise Line is rolling out an industry-first for cruise lines in allowing passengers who have already paid for a cruise to bid on an upgrade to a higher category stateroom or suite, according to Travel Market Report. After undergoing a 60-day beta test and receiving positive feedback from a group of elite travel agents, the Norwegian Upgrade Advantage program is set to launch Feb. 8. The program will roll out on the Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Epic and Pride of America before expanding to the cruise line's entire fleet by the end of the second quarter. While guests can't select the exact stateroom if their bid is accepted, the entire system is automated and travel agents receive a commission on the higher fare. When passengers' bids are accepted they'll be bumped up to a higher stateroom or suite.

How to save on a cruise

Los Angeles Times

Waiting for your ship to come in but afraid you won't be able to afford it when it docks at a port near you? A cruise can take you anywhere, from Antarctica to Vietnam, and offer good value as well as enjoyment. But floating vacations can be pricey. The trick to saving big money on a cruise is to shop smart. With a little planning, you can take advantage of discounts and deals.

Airline tarmac nightmare

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Passengers on a SpiceJet flight were forced to spend an entire night stuck in the airplane while it sat on the tarmac of an airport in Nagpur, India. According to the Times of India, SpiceJet Flight SG487 from Mumbai to Kolkata was forced to make an emergency landing Sunday night at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur due to a technical issue. Unfortunately for passengers, the Nagpur airport is not on SpiceJet's regular service list and had no support or ground staff on site when the plane landed. With the mechanic having to be flown to the aircraft's location, the 190 passengers onboard Flight SG487 were forced to stay inside the plane until the following morning. Instead of booking the passengers into a local hotel, they were not even granted airport access and instead were forced to stay on the plane.

Mexico named most popular cruise destination in 2017

Los Angeles Times

Mexico has had highs and lows as a tourist destination in the past decade. Still, it won the popularity contest in an end-of-year cruise trends report by

Man on Norwegian Cruise Line vessel arrested after allegedly chasing woman across ship, breaking her jaw

FOX News

Did you know that all cruise line ships have morgues aboard? Or that people can actually purchase a retirement property on a cruise ship? Take a look at some other fun facts that you may not have known. The FBI has confirmed the arrest of a man on a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel who they say chased a woman throughout the ship before breaking her arm and jaw. Jeff Smiley III was arrested on Nov. 6 after the Norwegian cruise vessel had reached the pier in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.